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LogMate, the industry’s most compatible alarm management software, releases updates enhancing the TiPSView experience:

Windows 2019 Support
TiPSView is tested and qualified compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

SQL Server 2017 Support
TiPSView is tested and qualified compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

International SQL Server Collation Support
TiPSView now supports the use of international SQL Server collations.

SQL Server AlwaysOn Support
TiPSView was updated with better integration of SQL Server Enterprise AlwaysOn technology.

SQL Server and DNS Alias Support
TiPSView now supports the use of SQL Server with DNS aliasing.

Enhanced User Configuration Experience
In order to save the user unnecessary mouse clicks TiPSView now selects the views and criteria in the drop down box after the view or criteria has been copied.

Addition of a Business Multiplier for Rationalization
In order to better represent accurate priorities of alarms we have added a business multiplier to adjust the calculated priority for all alarms in the Alarm KB. This value will be multiplied to the final value of either the Sum Severity or Max Severity calculation.

Increased Customization of the Alarm KB Form
TiPSView now allows the user to remove the following rationalization fields from the Alarm KB form: Cause, Consequence, Corrective Actions, Confirmation, Testing Requirements, or Time Available.

Enhanced User Installation Experience
By removing gaps in the installation progress and adding additional progress information, we have increased the user experience during the product installation. In addition we have also added more automation in setting up IIS and Windows features to reduce the amount of manual configuration needed before an installation.

Fixed Inaccurate SSRS Reports
The AlarmKBCompleteAndPending and AlarmKBPercentComplete SSRS reports are updated to better match the TiPSView Alarm KB Analysis for more accurate results.

Enhanced TRAC Slider User Experience
The TRAC slider now jumps to the center of the rollup interval when the user clicks on the TRAC chart. This causes less confusion when comparing with the highlighted records in the grid below.

Enhanced Contextual Web Help
In order to improve the usability of the Web Help, the destination of the top most web help button has context-sensitive web help page that corresponds with the page the customer is currently viewing.

Using a Bit Type Field in the Alarm KB Analysis
The bit-type fields can now be used as the primary or secondary field in the Alarm KB analysis.

TiPSView Agent Auto Report Size Calculation
In order to improve report configuration in TiPSView, users will no longer have to specify the end page number when configuring TiPSView reports. Instead, if the end page is left blank, then the entire Netview or ACE report will be sent.