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LogMate® High Availability

A More Seamless Disaster Recovery Setup and Experience

LMHA enables 2 Capture installations to communicate with each other in order to ensure that if a failover is required, the Capture system on standby is able to pick up from where the primary system left off and vice-versa once the primary system is back online. This allows for your Capture data to be parsed sequentially with as few gaps as possible in the data for your end-users who rely on the data for reports and alarm management analysis. From the end users’ perspective, it’s as if a disaster scenario never occurred!

✔ Manage your failover from any LMHA Capture server

✔ Keep your LMHA Capture servers synced

✔ Check the status of your LMHA Capture servers

✔ Perform a soft handshake with the partner server prior to failover

✔ Perform a hard failover if the partner server is offline

✔ Run LMHA as a service

✔ Redundancy – always have a backup Capture system ready to go during Disaster Recovery (DR)

✔ Avoid the hassle of reconfiguring Capture each time a DR scenario occurs

✔ Switch over from one Capture system to another with a click of a button

✔ Minimize gaps in Capture data collection during DR

✔ Ensures that end-users will be able to continue reviewing and analyzing alarms and events during DR

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