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Lifecycle Stage: Management of Change

LogMate®‘s ACE product facilitates important alarm parameter change reviews prior to authorization

Management of change references the stage where modifications to the alarm system are proposed and approved.

The TiPS software product Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) contains the Alarm KB module which includes a management of change functionality. This alarm master database includes capabilities for approval, rejection, and audit of alarm system changes.

Effective change management ensures that the alarm system remains stable and viable. LogMate®’s management of change module becomes a “buffer zone” where proposed changes can be reviewed prior to implementation. Changes can be approved and passed on for implementation or rejected. All edits are recorded in a change audit file.

An active configuration can be compared to an authorized configuration within the LogMate® management of change module. Any discrepancies are flagged for immediate attention. Integrated change approval and online configuration comparison maintains the integrity of alarm settings.

  • “Review / Approve / Reject” changes prior to alarm system implementation
  • Include timestamp and comment for each change

In addition, the ACE alarm and event analysis can monitor for changes in the alarm system attributes in real time and allow notation for the cause of the change and determine if the change was authorized.