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Lifecycle Stage: Philosophy

TiPS Services can help from the start or update an existing Alarm Philosophy

An Alarm Philosophy Document (APD) defines the basic definitions and plans for how alarms are categorized, handled, viewed, measured and reported. If an APD already exists, then an APD evaluation and gap analysis will determine areas not addressed in the APD.  Also, determining alarm practices inconsistent with the APD is an alternative approach to quickly provide an indication of any APD deficiencies.

TiPS employs alarm management subject matter experts to provide:

  • APD Workshops: TiPS explains the key components of alarm philosophy documents and guides you through the process of developing an APD.
  • APD Development: TiPS develops an understanding of your company’s operational approach and subsequently develops a comprehensive APD.
  • APD Evaluations and Gap Analysis: TiPS evaluates your existing APD against best practices, industry guidelines and regulations, as well as your actual alarm practices to develop an assessment report identifying and outlining any recommended areas of improvement.