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Lifecycle Stage: Audit

TiPS Services and Products make sure your Alarm Management process is evergreen and effective.

The audit stage involves periodic checks of the alarm management system and processes against the alarm philosophy.

TiPS provides an Alarm Philosophy Evaluations and Gap Analysis which evaluates your existing Alarm Philosophy against best practices, industry guidelines and regulations, as well as your actual alarm practices to develop an assessment report identifying and outlining any recommended areas of improvement. This can be done on a periodic basis as part of your audit process.

In addition, LogMate®‘s Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE), TRAC and Alarm KB products all provide information that can be used in assessing the alarm management system performance over time and providing critical documentation to audit the performance of the overall alarm system.

KB Agent is a valuable tool in the Audit process as it can import your current alarm configuration into the Alarm KB database and compare to your rationalized alarm settings.  Any discrepancies are flagged for review.  This change review process can be part of a management of change feature built into LogMate® to either approve or reject the differences between the rationalized master alarm database (Alarm KB) and the current alarm system.