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LogMate Alarm Management and Event Historian Product Suite


Capture is the robust alarm and event data connectivity, collection and processing module for the LogMate® suite.


Signal is a real-time logical event detection and reaction engine. Signal monitors the content of alarm and event messages and takes immediate action when a defined situation occurs.


netView is a web browser visualization tool for grid style monitoring of the alarm and event data. The netView module allows users to quickly search, filter, and view alarm and event information.


TRAC is a powerful KPI generator with an integrated graphics engine and flexible trending visualization tool. Use TRAC to specify, calculate, and trend alarm performance metrics. Also provides integration to OPC HDA servers such as data historians to show process trends together with alarm and event data.


Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) is an advanced alarm analysis tool providing statistical analysis of alarm activity and alarm configuration.

KB Agent

KB Agent was designed so that users can automate the import of alarm configuration data from control systems to support rationalization projects and alarm system auditing tasks.

Inhibit Manager

Inhibit Manager monitors the alarm and event data and tracks the inhibit condition of a point and updates the associated alarm records with the tracked inhibit status.

OPC Client for KB

OPC Client for KB has an OPC-DA Client interface to communicate to control system OPC-DA servers and update the Alarm KB database parameters when monitored OPC attribute value changes. The KB Management of Change process can be implemented on specified attribute updates.

LogMate® High Availability

The LogMate® High Availability module allows multiple redundant Capture installations to be connected to a highly available SQL Server Cluster installation and failover seamlessly should one Capture source or the Capture application/installation itself fails.

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