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Lifecycle Stage: Operation

LogMate®’s flexible reporting assists Operations for shift changes and refresher training

The operation stage refers to an active alarm or alarm system performing its intended function.

TiPS products are integral to supporting the operational stage of the alarm management lifecycle. The LogMate® Capture database serves as a central repository and user interface for alarm and event information even from multiple sources. The visualization and analysis tools that TiPS provides with netView and Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) are then used to verify that alarms are working as intended. Both netView and ACE deliver an efficient and effective mechanism for monitoring and reporting alarm system performance.

With a simple mouse click, the master alarm database (Alarm KB) is available for review by Operations.  The Alarm KB can contain alarm attributes and its values including alarm response procedures.

End of shift reports make it easy for operators to exchange valuable information.  Reports can be customized for specific control room operations.  LogMate®‘s Signal application can even remind operators to enter notes for predefined events needed for regulatory requirements. 

Many TiPS users deploy LogMate® on training or simulation systems using the production master alarm database to reduce the time for corrective action, such as SUDA (See, Understand, Decide, Act).