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Custom SSRS Reports

Create any report using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) within the same LogMate TIPSView portal.

Years of experience have taught us that it is challenging to develop off-the-shelf reports to meet every customer’s needs.  Every customer / control system has different alarm system attributes, console positions, rollups, measured KPIs, and unique presentation just to name a few.

ACE Activity Analyses and KB Analyses provide the predefined reports to be able to meet ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 monitoring and assessment best practices metrics.  While these reports exceed expectations with drill-down capabilities, customers may need a different presentation to meet specific corporate standards.

This need in turn suggests having the ability for end users to develop their own reports while accessing the user configuration already created in the TiPSView interface.  For example, each TiPSView user usually has developed a set of Views (presentations) or Criteria (queries).  The goal is to take advantage of this existing configuration and use it inside a custom report without duplicating the effort for the same configuration.  The SSRS integration allows skilled end users to access the TiPSView database and access the configuration already developed for our off-the-shelf reports.

TiPS provides an example library of SSRS reports.  These example reports are related to alarm and event metrics, extensions of our built-in reports, and Alarm KB project management reports.

✔ SSRS uses linked reports

One report presentation is developed as a template to create multiple reports using different report parameters.

✔ SSRS output to many file types

Output includes MS Office products (Word and Excel), pdf, mht, and others.

✔ SSRS has its own subscription service

Can schedule emails directly in SSRS.

✔ SSRS is well documented for development

Many companies have internal resources with SSRS experience.

✔ LogMate users are not required to know SSRS details

SSRS configuration and integration is setup as a LogMate administrator.

✔ LogMate users access SSRS reports through the same TiPSView user interface

Separate credentials are not required.

✔ SSRS reports can access TiPSView configuration

Some reports can be configured to use predefined TiPSView Criteria for adhoc analysis.

✔ No additional license cost for reporting engine

SSRS license is included with SQL Server Standard, Data and Enterprise editions.

LogMate-SSRS integration is compatible with SQL Server 2005 and above

Typical SSRS installation is with the LogMate SQL Server instance.  TiPSView makes http requests to SSRS. 

The standard SSRS user interface is embedded in the TiPSView user interface. 

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