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OPC Client for KB

A Quiet Workhorse Monitoring Alarm System Attribute to a Master Alarm Database Utilizing the OPC DA Interface

In the LogMate® product suite, the Master Alarm Database is known as the Alarm Knowledge Base (KB) for its ability to house more than alarm system parameters. After initial configuration, OPC Client for KB runs in the background monitoring changes to OPC attributes and then reflects those changes in the Alarm KB based on an attribute mapping file. This means after the initial configuration, OPC Client for KB eliminates the need for human interaction to maintain an up-to-date Alarm KB database.

✔ Real-Time Update

OPC Client for KB allows for real-time update of the Alarm Knowledge Base using the OPC DA (Open Platform Communications Data Access) interface.

✔ Broad Compatibility

OPC Client for KB works with major DCS, HMI, and SCADA solutions that utilize an OPC DA interface.

✔ Configurable MOC (Management of Change) Options

OPC Client for KB can be configured to utilize MOC on a point-by-point and even field-by-field basis.

✔ High Performance and Reliability

OPC Client for KB can monitor and process millions of OPC data attribute changes without performance interruptions.

✔ Improved Alarm and Event Data Accuracy

Allows for historical alarm and event data linked to the Alarm KB to have the most current and accurate information.

✔ Compliance with ISA 18.2 and Other Industry Standards

Gains more accurate change auditing by distinguishing between system changes subject to MOC and not subject to MOC.

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