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TiPS was started in 1988 as a process controls consulting firm. On a customer engagement, we developed a software replacement for logging printers. Repeat sales encouraged us to turn it into a real product. LogMate® was released in 1990 as a logging printer alternative, effectively the first ever commercial alarm management software package. A lot has changed in alarm management since, and TiPS has evolved our products and services to continue to provide best-in-class solutions to our clients. 



  • The first version of LogMate® was written on the DOS platform, which leveraged current PC technology and afforded stability and speed.


  • LogMate® was released as the first ever fully functional, commercially available alarm management software package.


  • TiPS customers requested and TiPS delivered a LogMate® version compatible with the Digital® VAX/VMS platform.
  • LogMate® “databases” were easy to understand and customers were already experimenting with custom alarm reports.


  • TiPS releases the first Personal Computer (PC) version of LogMate®.


  • TiPS releases the Windows 3.1/3.11 versions of LogMate®.


  • TiPS releases an OpenVMS version of LogMate®.


  • EEMUA Publication 191 Alarm Systems – A Guide to Design, Management, and Procurement was published.


  • TiPS releases LogMate® for Window version 4.10 which introduces a thin-client interface, begins adoption of Microsoft SQL Server®, and upgrades analysis and notification packages.


  • TiPS releases LogMate® version 5.0 which introduces the LogMate® as a suite of products encompassing data collection, viewing, analysis, and notification.


  • The thin-client suite packaged as TiPSView was released.


  • TiPS introduces TRAC, a LogMate® module that calculates and displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and also integrates process historian data with alarms and events onto one integrated, interactive graph.
  • Alarm KB Import Utility was also released this year for native connectivity to audit many vendor’s alarm systems.


  • TiPS releases TiPSView version 3.0, the LogMate® web browser visualization module, introducing key enhancements to improve the flexibility to the alarm knowledge base, add a notes field, provide online MOC management, and integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services.


  • TiPS introduces the LogMate® First Out Report as part of the Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) module to simplify root cause analysis.


  • TiPS releases LogMate version 6.20 which introduced the ability for real-time updates of the master alarm database (KB) from the alarm and event data.
  • TiPS also celebrated its 20th anniversary as a company.


  • TiPS celebrated the 20th anniversary of LogMate® as an industry-leading, commercially available alarm management software product.
  • API RP 1167 Pipeline SCADA Alarm Management was also released the same year.


  • TiPS finalizes patent approval for our industry-leading alarm activation point calculation methodology developed in conjunction with Dr. Doug Rothenberg. This method provides a unique time to manage calculation for a user to respond to an abnormal device and prevent or reduce the unwanted consequences of the situation.


  • TiPS partner, Daesim, developed a mobile app for TiPSView.
  • Inhibit Manager released to calculate inhibit status of alarms.
  • Event Manager released for alarm management enforcement using OPC.
  • ISA-TR18.2.5-2012 Alarm System Monitoring, Assessment, and Auditing was published.
  • ISA-TR18.2.4-2012 Enhanced and Advanced Alarm Methods was published.
  • ISA-TR18.2.6-2012 Alarm Systems for Batch and Discrete Processes was published.


  • SQL 2012 supported.
  • Allow indexing for most LogMate® db fields to increase query performance.
  • EEMUA Publication 191 Alarm Systems, A Guide to Design, Management and Procurement, 3rd Edition was published.


  • TiPS Partner, AVEVA, developed utility to update OASyS from Alarm KB MOC process.
  • IEC 62682-2014 Management of alarms for the process industry was also published based on ISA 18.2 alarm management standards.


  • ISA-TR18.2.3-2015 Basic Alarm Design technical report was published.


  • ANSI/ISA 18.2 Alarm Management standard was updated.
  • ISA-TR18.2.2-2016 Alarm Identification and Rationalization was published.
  • Improved LogMate® database replication for backup installations.
  • KB Agent released to increase performance and ease-of-use of Alarm KB Import Utility.


  • Support for Windows 10 and Windows 2016 servers.
  • SQL Server 2014 and 2016 supported.
  • ISA-TR18.2.7-2017 Alarm Management When Utilizing Packaged Systems was published.


  • TiPS celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  • ISA-TR18.2.1-2018 Alarm Philosophy was also published this year.


  • Windows Server 2019 supported.
  • SQL server 2017 supported.
  • Ability to increase field lengths for Capture databases.


  • LogMate® High Availability Module was released.
  • TiPSView 4.50 released to work with all desktop browsers.
  • LogMate® OPC Client for KB released with discovery module for easy real-time KB updates.
  • LogMate® RTP service developed to native alarm management connectivity to RTP safety systems.


  • KB Agent mainline support of 31 control system interfaces.
  • TiPSView support TLS 1.2 for increased secured communications.
  • Capture ability to join multiple tables with OLEDB ports to enhance ClearSCADA connectivity.