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Consolidated, Accessible Alarm Activity Visualization and Monitoring.

netView is an alarm and event data visualization and monitoring package that uses commonly-used browsers as its client interface. netView presents data in a data grid that is easy for users to customize and format to individual preferences. Any user with a web browser can monitor, search, and filter alarms, events, and reports from any system connected to the database simplifying real-time and historical troubleshooting.

✔ Consolidated Monitoring

Provides a single, consistent view capable of bringing together information from many disparate alarm interfaces.

✔ Comprehensive Viewing Criteria

Data grids deliver flexible and extensive filtering options to prioritize and view data by relevance or importance.

✔ Convenient Accessibility

Employs standard web browser to broaden access to a wide user base.

✔ Simple Configuration

Customizable grid views based on individual user preferences are easily configured using selectable drop down list.

✔ Relevant Information Sharing

One-click on an alarm enables instant access to relevant operator advice, process notes, and external documents or drawings.

✔ Notes Can Be Shown in Grid

The Notes feature allows users to associate with a Note with records in the netView/ACE database. Notes can be associated with individual records, with a tag, or as a general note. Notes are accessible from their own interface as well as from the netView interface. Notes track who added or changed them, and when that happened. Notes can also be deactivated or locked.

✔ Alarm KB (master alarm database) attributes shown in grid

Easy one click integration to associate the master alarm database (LogMate Alarm KB) with the alarm and event data.  The KB database fields available to show and query in the alarm and event records.

✔ Improves Decision Making

Prompts faster, better-informed decisions when key events occur.

✔ Simplifies Troubleshooting

Reduces troubleshooting burden by providing automated, real-time identification of relevant events.

✔ Encourages Consistency

Improves operational consistency by standardizing responses to a given event.

✔ Promotes Issue Resolution

Provides automated escalation routing by backup personnel or chain of command bringing consistency to how issues are handled and resolved.

netView is an alarm and event monitoring tool that uses a web browser as its client interface. Operators, engineers, management, anyone can monitor, search, and filter alarms, events, and reports from any system. By simply opening a web browser from any desktop or workstation, every alarm and event is visible. netView is straightforward to implement and very easy to learn bringing consolidation and consistency to monitoring alarm activity. The return on investment is immediate.

Intended to replace the many disparate alarm interfaces typical in a plant, netView is compatible with every major DCS and HMI and is equipped with advanced alarm monitor features such as real-time mode, time range control, display filters, and an ad-hoc search engine.

netView increases insight into alarm activity and performance speeding the troubleshooting process.

Monitor A Complete, Searchable, Sortable List Of Alarms And Events

netView displays alarms and events on a customized data grid. Data can be viewed from any historic time range or in real-time. The grid can be filtered, sorted, and colored to adapt for specific needs or situations.

netView utilizes commonly-used browsers so operators, engineers, and management can monitor, search, and filter alarms and events from any system.

  • React more quickly to process upsets
  • Combine alarms into one screen
  • Quickly research upsets and unscheduled shutdowns

One-Click Access To Process Documents, Notes, And Operator Advice

Access to timely and relevant information is crucial to successfully managing an abnormal situation. netView provides online access via any commonly-used browser to a complete list of alarm activity. One click on any alarm opens a page of diagnostic information with sections for operator advice, process notes, and links to external plant documents or diagrams. 

  • Quickly view operator and process resources for decision assistance
  • Link directly to information relevant to any alarm or event
  • Insert additional notes about process conditions or discoveries

The Notes feature includes additional status fields to maintain an audit trail using the standard SQL Server Change Data Capture mechanism. In addition, a Note can now be locked and consequently shown as read-only.

The fields associated with a Note record the username and date when the Note creation, when the note is updated, and when the note is deleted. These changes captured in the Change Data Capture (CDC) feature available in SQL Server 2008 and above. The new fields in the Note database captures the user and date time of the note creation, update and deletion. As these status fields are updated, the SQL Server CDC updates an audit table to provide a record of note changes much like the KB audit table.

The Note locking feature can be enabled by a LogMate administrator. As a default setting, the Notes can only be deleted, modified, or locked by a TiPSView administrator. To allow non-administrator users to delete, modify, or lock notes, the LogMate administrator can enable a global setting. 

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