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Lifecycle Stage: Maintenance

LogMate®’s Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) module identifies equipment alarms that may be out-of-service and provide on-line notation and documentation for testing, replacement, and repair.

The maintenance stage of alarm management references periods when the alarm or alarm system is not operational but being tested or repaired.

As a central repository for alarm information, LogMate® captures maintenance periods and provides valuable insight into what an operator sees at the console during periods of maintenance on particular alarms and alarm systems.

If the alarm and event data provides the events, ACE alarm analyses can be presented for all alarms currently disabled and how much time the alarm has been disabled.  Another analysis can show the number of times an alarm was disabled and provide statistics such as the average time disabled, maximum time disabled, and total time disabled for a given time period.

The LogMate® Notes feature can provide additional details in reports, such as the cause of the disabled alarm and notes from the Maintenance team on the estimated repair time.