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Lifecycle Stage: Monitoring and Assessment

LogMate®’s reporting capabilities provide real-time notification and periodic alarm management metrics easily configured for your needs

The monitoring and assessment phase involves continuously monitoring the overall alarm system performance and assessing against performance goals as outlined in the alarm philosophy.

TiPS’s products, including netView, ACE, TRAC and Signal, can all be used to support the monitoring and assessment stage of the alarm management lifecycle.

netView provides consolidated, accessible alarm and event activity data in a customizable data grid format simplifying forensic analysis, providing faster troubleshooting of alarm issues, and delivering critical information to the right people for better informed operational decisions.

Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) is a simple-to-use, advanced visualization and analysis package that monitoring and assessment of alarm configuration and alarm activity statistical analysis. ACE empowers you by providing relevant information in an appropriate granularity for your specific needs which simplifies identification of alarm issues and improves overall alarm performance evaluation capabilities.

TRAC delivers an integrated trend display and powerful KPI engine that improves operational insight, enhances diagnostic capability and optimizes performance by delivering contextualized alarm information for increased data relevance.

Signal is an automated real-time event detection and notification solution with advanced messaging that can be used to monitor alarm performance for specified scenarios. This tool can be configured to trigger on complex events and then provide automated remote messaging via smtp email to appropriate personnel.