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Lifecycle Stage: Implementation

LogMate® Alarm KB and KB Agent makes sure the rationalized alarms are configured correctly in your alarm system

The Implementation stage of the alarm management lifecycle involves the activities associated with installing and making an alarm system operational.  The alarms are configured or adjusted in the control system.  With any change to process operations, commissioning steps are needed to validate the changes which include

  • alarm configuration verification
  • alarm system testing
  • operator training

LogMate® provides an excellent audit trail to verify all alarms are configured as designed.  The KB Agent product imports the alarm configurations and provides a management of change process to show alarm parameters match the design during rationalization.

The real-time collection of alarm and event data provides a history of the alarms tested which can be valuable for internal and external audits.  Operator Notes are added to the alarm and event data to provide for easy searching at a later date or for reporting.

With the enhanced and advanced ability to link your alarm and event database to your Alarm KB (master alarm database), operator  training is enhanced by showing rationalization and alarm design details along with your event records.  Even after training, operators can easily review alarm responses for a new alarm in real-time with a mouse click.