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Emerson WDPF

Emerson Westinghouse Distributed Processing Family (WDPF) alarm and event data is collected using either Serial or TCP/IP communications. In a Serial port configuration, LogMate is connected directly to an RS232 Serial port. By emulating a Serial line printer, LogMate collects any messages “printed” from the connected console. Serial configurations are typically used for smaller installations, or when the network cannot be trusted to maintain stable data transmissions between a console and a networked LogMate computer. Serial connections are the most basic LogMate implementation. LogMate can collect data across a network by communicating with a TCP/IP enabled device or computer. In Client mode, LogMate captures data sent from a Server device, typically a Serial to Ethernet converter. The Serial to Ethernet converter receives RS232 Serial output and converts it into a TCP/IP packet that is sent across a network. LogMate is configured to watch for transmissions from the Serial to Ethernet converter.