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To our loyal customers and partners –

I would like to wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year. It was a very busy year for TiPS and we have you to thank. Due to your pursuit of operational excellence and continued relationship with us, TiPS has been a successful company. We are proud to announce that this month is our 30-year company anniversary!

TiPS was founded by Ted P. Stoltenberg, hence the unusual capitalization of our company name that carries his legacy. Ted always said that the “i” stood for innovation. In the early days, we were an automation consulting business that did everything from DCS batch and continuous control to creating our own SCADA system.

Trying to solve a common control room problem, TiPS released LogMate® in March 1990 and shipped product on 5 ¼ inch floppy disks. In the next year, we developed and released LogMate® VAX/VMS product followed by our LogMate® for Windows product release in the mid 1990′s. In fact, just last year, we upgraded a LogMate® installation that was still running in a Windows 98 environment.

Core values define a company culture. TiPS licensees expect us to live up to our core values.

  • Commitment to making the world a safer place through better alarm systems.
  • Respect automation engineers and technicians contributing to their efforts related to safety and quality.
  • Deliver dependable, enthusiastic customer support; implement a flexible organization that responds to its customers’ needs.
  • Develop software that efficiently and effectively improves process operations.
  • Strive to have the best price/performance ratio in alarm management software and lifecycle services.

These core values have been in place since our company’s start. With these core values in place today, we have sold thousands of LogMate® licenses and provided subject matter expertise to a variety of process industries.

Since 1988 TiPS has been focused on situation awareness and alarm management. We are proud to be part of the evolution of process safety. With a grateful heart, thanks to my customers, partners, and staff for the many years of trust, guidance, and great memories.

Wishing you a safe and successful 2018!

Bob Weibel
President & CEO
TiPS, Incorporated