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Texas/Stavanger November 21st, 2014: TiPS Incorporated – The Alarm Management Company announced today that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Eldor Technology AS, a software company within the oil & gas industry.

The purpose of the partnership is to strengthen the awareness and channels of TiPS alarm management software LogMate® in Norway and to strengthen the solution offerings of Eldor to its customers.

Since their startup in 2006, Eldor has done a number of installations for the oil industry operating within the Norwegian shelf. Control rooms, collaborative work environment, and Alarm Management have been part of their core competencies, and their experience in all these fields is extensive.

Bjarne André Asheim, CEO of Eldor Technology AS, states ”LogMate is clearly one of the leading Alarm Management software solutions in the market. We have been looking for an intelligent 3rd party solution that we leverage in our Alarm Management projects where the customers are in need of an intelligent tool for the Management of Change process. Discovering the LogMate ACE knowledge base was a relief for us; we finally found a standard solution in the market. This partnership now enables us to provide much more flexible and powerful solutions to the benefit of our customers.”

Steve Pride, Marketing Director for TiPS Incorporated, informs “We are proud to announce our latest strategic relationship with Eldor Technology AS of Norway. Over the years, Eldor consistently demonstrates outstanding results for their customers which is the ideal match to TiPS operational excellence vision.  Eldor’s reputation within major operators is outstanding; they truly live up to their slogan ‘deeper in the details’.  The strategic relationship will continue to deliver a repeatable quality experience for all our customers.”

About Eldor Technology AS

Eldor Technology AS is part of the Eldor group situated at Forus, the heart of the oil capital in Norway. Eldor is focused on providing world-class expertise to the O&G Industries in the following fields:

  • Control Room and Improved Operations
  • Safety and Automation Systems (SAS)
  • Telecommunication and Industrial IT

Eldor has been leading in alarm management and provides services for modifications and improved operations to major oil companies in Norway.

Eldor is proud of designing state-of-the-art control rooms, where the control is taken onshore in further extent.

For more information, please visit www.eldor.no

About TiPS Incorporated

TiPS Incorporated – The Alarm Management Company is a Texas-based software company specializing in process alarm management software and solutions.  TiPS became known as the Alarm Management Company after introducing LogMate, the first full-featured, commercially available alarm management software solution in 1990.  Since then, TiPS Inc. software and services have continued evolving to fully address the ANSI/ISA 18.2 standard Alarm Management Lifecycle Stages, EEMUA 191, and IEC 62682 standards.

  • Dedicated Alarm Management Focus
  • Adapatable Service Model
  • Flexible and Extensive Software Connectivity Methods

For more information, please visit www.tipsweb.com

Press Contacts

CEO Eldor Technology AS, Bjarne André Asheim, +47 95291478 , bjarne@eldor.no
Sales & Business Development Manager, Eldor, Ola Guldbrandsen, +47 99272221, ola.guldbrandsen@eldor.no

TiPS Incorporated President, Bob Weibel, 512-863-3653, bobby@tipsweb.com.