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I like the alarm analysis views within LogMate® but I also need to develop a custom report that will provide my management team with some other details. How can I develop custom reports within LogMate?

LogMate® includes the ability to generate a large variety of alarm activity reports, trends, and KPIS. Even with the extensive on-board report capabilities, some situations may require a unique analysis or report design.

As a solution for these ad-hoc reporting needs, LogMate® links to the powerful SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report builder. SSRS is a thin-client utility included with standard Microsoft SQL Server packages. It gives SQL Server the ability to create virtually any report without relying on an external report building program.

LogMate® and SRRS can share settings such as sources database, data range, and active query, so selections in a LogMate® window seamlessly transfer to a SSRS report. Reports built in SSRS can be accessed directly from a LogMate® window by clicking “SSRS Viewer” in the main LogMate navigation menu.


Using SSRS

SSRS is a thin-client tool, accessible from any authorized and compliant commonly-used browser. The specifics of using SSRS can be found in the extensive documentation found in the SQL Server help files. The basic SSRS environment consists of a report builder, categorized report libraries, and administrative tools such as export, copy, and rename.

The SSRS designer uses three basic components:

  • A calculation engine
  • A data entry or selection form
  • A results display area

Once the report is designed, it can be named and made available for immediate recall by clicking the report name in the browser. Reports can be pre-configured to use specific data and criteria or they can allow for data entry and selection.


Integration with LogMate®

SSRS and LogMate® share the same infrastructure as far as SQL Server and any commonly-used browser thin-client interface. The SSRS integration enables a LogMate® screen to embed the SSRS viewer within the same browser screen. LogMate® simply needs to know the location of the SSRS service.

Clicking the SSRS link in the main LogMate® navigation menu opens SSRS inside the LogMate® framework and passes the current LogMate® settings (Database, Criteria, Data Range) to the current SSRS server. The desired report is then selected from a drop-down menu and the results are displayed on a screen.


SSRS Licensing

The LogMate® SSRS integration is included as a part of the ACE (Alarm Configuration Expert) license. ACE includes Alarm Activity Analysis, Alarm Configuration Analysis, Alarm KB (Documentation and Rationalization), and SSRS.


LogMate® Licensing 

LogMate® is licensed per data source connection (Port), per Module, and per number of client accesses allowed. Modules include netView for grid style display of process messages and freeform notes, ACE for advanced activity analysis and alarm design, and Signal for automated notification of events or alarms.