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We are using LogMate® Alarm KB and we would like to have our operators be able to easily access existing operating procedures when they are looking at alarm information. Does LogMate® have a way to access existing procedures?

Quick access to procedures and other plant documents can be a deciding factor in successful upset management. The LogMate® Alarm KB creates a central resource for documentation or information used by the operating team.

The Alarm KB has the capability of storing or linking to operating procedures and documentation. The design of the Alarm KB is completely flexible. It can be modified to a layout that is best suitable for your operations and personnel. Links can be inserted that connect to existing electronic documents, meaning you don’t have to rewrite anything, just link it to the Alarm KB.

Accessing procedures and documentation is a simple point-and-click operation. Because the LogMate® Alarm KB is accessed through a browser, any procedures or documents it contains or links to are as close as the nearest networked PC.


Online Information

The LogMate® Alarm KB can accommodate two types of information, online or linked. Online information is inserted directly into the Alarm KB as freeform text typed into fields on the screen. That text is then stored in the LogMate® database and can be recalled at any time from any LogMate® browser client. The online option fully leverages the speed and universal availability of information stored inside the Alarm KB.

In a crisis situation, access to helpful guidance and information can determine whether the outcome is good or bad. Unfortunately, valuable plant information is typically spread across the site or buried in a binder. The LogMate® Alarm KB is a centralized information resource. Your networked PCs become access points for operating procedures, plant documents, and drawings.


Linked Information

The Alarm KB can link to existing documents located anywhere on the network. A simple design change places a link to the document in the Alarm KB. Clicking the link opens the remote document on the local PC. This option takes advantage of existing work and still creates centralized access to operating documentation.


Technical Requirements

The Alarm KB is included as an integral part of the LogMate® ACE module. Any PC with a compliant web browser and licensed access to your LogMate® server will be able to use the Alarm KB. Linked documents must be accessible over the network or locally and the associated reader program must be on the viewing PC.


LogMate® Licensing

LogMate® is licensed per data source connection (Port), per Module, and per number of client accesses allowed. Modules include netView for grid-style display of process messages and freeform notes, ACE for advanced activity analysis and alarm design, and Signal for automated notification of events or alarms.