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Our operators often need to add comments on certain alarms and events to help explain situations to the next shift operator or to supervisors. How can LogMate® help?

An integral part of the LogMate® netView event viewer is the ability to add free form comments about actions taken or observations made in response to a message or process situation. Notes provides a powerful resource for recording and understanding the path of action of an operating team or underlying reasons for a particular response or lack of response.

The Notes feature is capable of commenting specific records, tags or points, or simply moments in time. Notes are viewable within the context of message history or in a list which can be filtered or sorted in order to find comments relevant to the issue you are researching.

Like all LogMate® tools, the Notes feature is accessed from within a commonly-used browser. All text entry, recall, and administration of Notes is done within a browser window.


Using Notes

Notes can be entered from two areas of LogMate®, directly from within the event grid or while viewing the Notes list. To enter a note while viewing the event grid, click on the message’s Sequence Number. A small popup window will appear, including an Insert Note button at the bottom of the popup window. Clicking the Insert Note button will open the Notes entry form, where you select to link the note to the selected Sequence Number, the Tag (point) associated with the selected message, or as a timestamped comment.

Entering a note while viewing the Notes list is very similar except you open the Notes entry form directly by clicking the Insert Note button at the bottom of the list. All Notes entries are stamped with the creation time, date, and user name.


Administration of Notes

User accounts on a LogMate® system can be selectively given access to the Notes too. Because Notes can be a powerful tool in determining responsibility or rebuilding an action path, only administrator accounts can access, edit, deactivate, or delete Notes.

For the same reasons, Notes can be deactivated rather than deleted. This is offered as an alternative method of removing a note entry from the Notes list and from the Notes list and from the event grid while still retaining it in the database. Deactivated Notes can be viewed as needed in the Notes list. They can be reactivated at any time.


Notes Licensing

The LogMate® Notes feature is included as part of the netView license. netView includes the grid-style event message viewer and the Notes feature.

To learn more about how Notes can be a vital tool for your operators, reach out to our sales team.