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Robust alarm and event data collection with flexible, extensive connectivity.

The LogMate® Capture module is the cornerstone of the LogMate® alarm management solution. Capture collects alarm and event data via ports interfacing to a wide variety of host systems and processes it into a Microsoft SQL Server database. A single Capture module has the flexibility to collect data from multiple systems, or alternately Capture “nodes” can be assigned to individual areas or operator stations dependent on individual client needs and cybersecurity policies.

✔ Extensive Connectivity Capability

Capture has one of the most complete connectivity portfolios in the industry using well-known interfaces including:

  • Serial
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP
  • OPC A&E
  • ASCII File
  • ODBC
  • SMNP
  • Windows Event Logs

✔ Flexible Architecture

LogMate® Capture can be designed for any number of centralized or distributed architectures to effectively integrate into existing IT infrastructure plans

✔ Ease of Configuration

Port configuration requires only a few, simple steps to achieve data collection.

✔ Intelligent Data Storage

Relevant data is identified, filtered, and grouped into database records.

✔ Standard SQL Server Database

Capture leverages a standard MS SQL Server database minimizing customization requirements.

✔ Improves Alarm Information Consistency

Provides a consolidated database with consistent formatting of alarm management information collected from different alarm and event sources.

✔ Improved Time to Benefit

Reduces time to establish connectivity and begin collecting data.

✔ Low Cost of Ownership

Leverages common technologies and interfaces to minimize total cost of ownership.

✔ Reliable, Low Maintenance

Once configured, the Capture database typically requires little user intervention.

✔ Ability to Transform Events to Readable Messages

Readable messages can be delivered to Signal for alert notification. 

The LogMate® Capture module collects event data from connected systems and processes it into a database. A single Capture module can collect data from multiple systems, or Capture “nodes” can be assigned to individual areas or operator stations.

Editable “filter” files are responsible for defining how data is parsed into fields. Filters may be customized prior to startup or at any point afterward. Changes to the filter may be made retroactive if desired by reprocessing source data. Capture employs extensive data integrity and buffering mechanisms to ensure a complete and accurate data archive.

Following some basic configuration Capture is capable of maintaining the target databases without any need for administrative intervention. Capture can be run as a service, running completely in the background without need for hands-on attention. Capture status can be monitored via the thin-client interface and Capture can optionally be configured to send status messages to a LogMate® database to be viewed by LogMate® users and administrators.

Capture supports flexible architectures including both centralized and distributed architecture designs. This is especially important when designing Alarm Management tools to collect data in a secure OT environment while providing access to personnel in the IT business environment. 

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