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TiPSView is LogMate®’s thin-client browser interface that provides easy access to your alarm system events and metrics, your alarm system configuration and rationalization information, and associated automated reporting capabilities. This current release is full of must-have enhancements based on customer requests.

The latest update of TiPSView is now available. Product enhancements include:

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge Browser Support
With Internet Explorer 11 end of life approaching on August 17, 2021, TiPSView was tested and qualified on Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. Internet Explorer is still supported at this time.

There is no longer a code fence to use TiPSView with Internet Explorer only. TiPSView was also tested and qualified on the previous version of Edge and also on the new Edge Chromium platform.

New Report File Formats
In addition to supporting the current MHT file format, TiPSView Agent will now support the report formats in XLXS and PDF formats.

Each report can be configured to specific report output types. After the TiPSView product upgrade, the configuration for each Report can be updated or one entry in the tipsview.ini file can be changed for a default report output type.

The additional report file formats makes it seamless to open an attached report in your email inbox.

KB Criteria Integrated with KB Copy Feature
As a tool to facilitate the rationalization process, the Alarm KB Copy process can now use KB Criteria to identify common tag/point with the same rationalization.

In the previous TiPSView versions, the KB Copy feature could only use the tag/point name to find common points that will use the same configuration. This has been replaced by using KB Criteria instead to filter results using multiple fields.

Each KB Criteria will now provide a configuration setting to designate whether the Criteria will be shown in the copy function only, in the drop down list for general KB query usage for rationalization, or both.

To use existing KB Criteria in a copy function, simply modify the Criteria and select ‘Copy Criteria’ attribute.

The Copy Criteria can use field attributes from both the KB Tag and Alarm tables.

New User Note Auditing and Lock Feature
The Notes feature in netView has been updated with additional status fields to maintain an audit trail using the standard SQL Server Change Data Capture mechanism. In addition, a Note can now be locked and consequently shown as read-only.

The fields associated with a Note will now record the username and date when the Note creation, when the note is updated, and when the note is deleted. These changes can be captured in the Change Data Capture (CDC) feature available in SQL Server 2008 and above. The new fields in the Note database will capture the user and date time of the note creation, update and deletion. As these status fields are updated, the SQL Server CDC will update an audit table to provide a record of note changes much like the KB audit table.

The Note locking feature can be enabled by a LogMate® administrator. As a default setting, the Notes can only be deleted, modified, or locked by a TiPSView administrator. To allow non-administrator users to delete, modify, or lock notes, the LogMate® administrator can enable a global setting.

TiPSView Agent Manager Test Button
The TiPSView Agent Manager now includes a feature to send a test email to any email address without using the TiPSView web application. This will help verify the initial LogMate® installations along with verifying existing installations.

User Session Timeout Enhanced
In past versions of TiPSView, the user sessions were configured to not time-out after inactivity or were indeterminate. This session timeout has now been updated to be configurable by the LogMate administrator and work for both local and domain TiPSView logins.

This user session will not time-out if real-time mode is enabled in netView.

Ability to remove non-existent Capture Servers in TiPSView
During TiPSView server migrations, the server names usually change. When the TiPSView database is migrated to the new server, the configuration of the Capture server name usually changes. As a result the TiPSView Capture link will show the old and new Capture servers. When the migration is complete, the old Capture server is decommissioned with no easy method to remove the old Capture server from the server list. A UI button now allows this removal to complete the migration.

ACE Table Performance Enhancements
During the installation process, the install app will automatically add indices to the ACE tables to improve performance during data collection. These ACE tables provide calculations used in the ACE analyses. Also the ACE repopulation feature will no longer delete specialized ACE triggers and indices specifically for the OASyS integration.

TRAC Pen Wizard Filtering Enhancements
Filtering is added for the TRAC KPI Server trends when searching for new pens. In addition, an issue was fixed in the TRAC ACE Server pen wizard when retrieving points that have “.” in the name.

New Overview Analysis Date Comparison
The Overview Analysis has a new date Comparison range option “Month Before Last” to do a comparison to data 2 months prior, e.g. the user can run the report on the 1st of each month to run analysis against “Last Month” and “Month Before Last”.

Verify SQL Server Agent Access with KPI Calculation Schedule
A check was added to ensure the TiPSView SQL login has sufficient privileges to access SQL Server agent when setting up TRAC KPIs via msdb rights. If sufficient privileges are not detected, the user will be warned of which privileges are missing.

Bug Fixes

  • Users will not be able to self-delete themselves while configuring users in TiPSView.
  • Frequency Analysis will display details if a user selects a datetime type field for the primary or secondary field.
  • The TiPSView application has a check for null references when setting up Overview analyses and no DB is setup.
  • Default Prioritization is now Default or NULL when bringing in data from KB Agent.
  • Time Available added to the calculation of Matrix Severities (Max and Min) prioritization methods.
  • Include Graphic for Overview Analysis is checked within the code so the user will not receive a “No Data Found” when unchecking the “Include Graphic” in the options.
  • TiPSView TRAC will display leaf nodes that have periods within their tag name fields.
  • Corrected a TiPSView Stored Procedure _PSIMDataRetrieveGenSQL so users will not get an error when selecting a Tag or Tag Description while creating a pending record for an Alarm.
  • Always generate reports with ‘Run if missed’ option is selected even if the option is not selected.


Known Limitations

  • Internet Explorer 11 – Left side navigation cropped when all items are expanded.
  • Internet Explorer 11 – The Next and Back buttons overlap text when running the “Insert Pen Wizard” for TRAC.
  • Internet Explorer 11 – Help files are not displayed correctly.
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above combines sessions among windows and tabs, preventing multiple, simultaneous TiPSView sessions. Users must select ‘New Session’ from the file menu to create a new session. The new session will be opened in a new Internet Explorer window.
  • You cannot alias two different columns to have the same alias. The alias name must be unique per table.
  • Use only alpha numeric characters when naming items in the product.
  • TRAC display is dependent upon screen resolution and amount of data returned. Some values may appear compressed. Narrowing the time frame of the returned data points will allow TRAC to display more accurately.
  • When installing with database owner rights, there is a warning about SQL rights when the ACE Updater Runs.
  • When TiPSView is configured with database owner rights, browsing for a database name in configuration is disabled and creating an alarm KB is not possible through the web interface.
  • On Windows XP Windows Authentication disallowed because of IIS limitations.
  • Auto Session Logoff when using the Active Directory Prompt for IIS only works for Internet Explorer.
  • For SQL Server 2012, SQL 2014, SQL 2016, SQL 2017, and SQL 2019, db_reader rights are required for the validation in Capture connection to the TiPSView database.