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.As the leading provider of alarm management software, TiPS Incorporated continues its rollout of TiPSView with the 5.1 release, Our latest qualified release that takes alarm management analytics to a new level.

What is TiPSView

TiPSView is the web-based interface for the LogMate environment, offering simplified access to a control system’s alarms and events, metrics, alarm system configuration and rationalization information, and automated reporting capabilities. It plays a critical role in supporting the alarm management lifecycle of organizations by providing insightful and accountable performance data for process control operations.

What’s New in TiPSView 5.1

Experience improved data visualization with TiPSView 5.1! Leverage the power of integrated Power BI and SSRS for dynamic dashboards and detailed reports. Gain quick insights and streamline your alarm management process with premade options and a user-friendly interface. Dive into advanced analytics with the fully qualified ACE Module and benefit from enhanced security standards and data analysis capabilities. Upgrade to TiPSView 5.1 today to unlock a new level of efficiency in alarm management.

New Features in TiPSView 5.1

Power BI and SSRS Integration:

  • Enhanced Data Visualization: Leverage Power BI and SSRS within TiPSView for dynamic dashboards and detailed reports, directly connected to your operational data.
    • Updated Overview Analysis with target metrics and status against targets.
  • Premade SSRS Reports: Utilize a range of premade options for quick insights into Alarm and Event databases, as well as TiPSView configuration data.
  • Streamlined Interface: Access and customize these powerful tools through a user-friendly interface designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Complete Qualification of the ACE Module:

  • Advanced Analytics: Fully qualified ACE Module enhances TiPSView’s computational and evaluation capabilities across various modules including Reports and netView.
  • Integrated Functionality: ACE is seamlessly integrated to maintain security standards and improve data analysis and visualization within TiPSView.
  • Intuitive User Experience: Users benefit from the ACE Module’s powerful features through a straightforward, easy-to-navigate interface.


Bug Fixes

  • netView Query Cancellation: Improved cancellation token implementation now stops SQL transactions promptly during netView queries.
  • Theme Consistency: Enhanced session management to ensure theme consistency, automatically correcting discrepancies after session corruption.
  • Report Archive Usability: Updated Report Archive interface, placing the Archive Date Column first for easier access.
  • Date/Time Formatting: Standardized datetime display across the platform to international format (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss).
  • Report Naming: Removed ambiguous ‘Adhoc’ terminology in report export filenames to enhance clarity.
  • Organization Tree Interaction: Fixed an issue where folder names were not updated immediately after renaming.
  • Access Control Errors: Resolved Elmah errors encountered by Access Only users when opening existing views.
  • License Service Activation: Adjusted installation scripts to maintain the status of the TiPS Software License Service post-installation.
  • Report Editor View Updates: Corrected the view list updating mechanism in the Report Editor for views with NULL DatabaseID.
  • NetView UI Enhancement: Fixed the increase width functionality in NetView’s column headers.
  • Report History Sorting: Changed the default sort in Report History to Queue Time in descending order.
  • Integration Labeling: Updated the label on the SSRS/Power BI integration node to “Edit Report Server Integration.”
  • Security Settings: Removed obsolete module security checkboxes from the User Editor.
  • Scheduled Job Management: Automated cleanup of outdated entries in the ReportScheduled table to sync with Hangfire jobs.
  • Installation Requirements: Updated SQL version requirements noted during installation to SQL 2016 and above.
  • Reporting Diagnostics: Added hyperlinks in the report history for direct access to error logs.
  • Queue and Archive Times: Adjusted time tracking in the Report History for accurate display of queue and archive times.
  • Ad hoc Filtering Enhancement: Improved ad hoc filtering in the Reports module, particularly for combobox fields.
  • Character Display in Logoff Notice: Corrected display issues with the ‘\’ character in logoff notices.
  • Relative Time Accuracy: Fixed relative time calculations in NetView reports to ensure accurate datetime values.

System Requirements

To ensure optimal performance and stability, TiPSView 5.1 has specific system requirements. Below are the necessary configurations:

Operating Systems Supported:

  • Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016
  • Windows 11 and Windows 10

Web Browsers Supported:

  • Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome: TiPSView 5.1 is compatible with the most current versions of these leading web browsers, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience across different platforms.

Database Compatibility:

  • SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016


Module Qualification Status

Each module in TiPSView 5.1.0 has been qualified for use. The modules have been rigorously tested to meet our initial functionality and performance standards. Specific known issues and limitations that have been identified during testing are detailed in the “Known Limitations” section below. This approach ensures that users are aware of the areas that are still under refinement.

Qualified Modules and Their Contexts:

  • Workspace: Qualified for basic operations and integration with the Security, Organization Tree, ACE, and netView modules.
  • Organization Tree: Qualified specifically in the context of its interaction with the netView, Notes, ACE, Reports, and Security Modules.
  • netView: Qualified for its core functionalities, particularly its integration with the ACE, Reports, Security modules.
  • Notes: Qualified for fundamental documentation features, with testing focused on integration with the Reports and Security modules.
  • ACE: Qualified for its core functionalities, particularly its integration with the netview, Reports, Security modules.
  • Reports: Qualified primarily for generating and managing reports when used in conjunction with the netView, ACE, Notes, and Tasks modules.
  • Tasks: Qualified for managing background operations, specifically tested for its interactions with the Reports and Security modules.
  • SSRS/Power BI: Qualified for its core functionalities
  • Security: Qualified across all functionalities, ensuring comprehensive security measures are effective when integrated with the Workspace, Organization Tree, netView, ACE, Notes, Reports, and Tasks modules.

Modules Not Yet Qualified:

  • Alarm KB including associated licensing features
  • Alarm KB Analysis
  • TRAC

 These modules are currently in QA and have not yet been qualified. We are actively working to test and enhance these modules to meet our standards of functionality and performance.


Known Limitations

We’ve identified several known limitations that users should be aware of. These issues are under active investigation, and we’re working diligently to address them in future updates. Your understanding and feedback are invaluable as we strive to enhance TiPSView for all users.


  • SQL Servers using SQL Always on might fail during the installation, specifically the Alarm KB Upgrade Tool.


  • Adding a folder in the Organization Tree automatically rearranges folders alphabetically, which may affect custom sorting preferences.
  • Dragging and dropping a View or Criteria from a child folder to a parent folder causes the source folder to close unexpectedly.
  • Linked servers for Alarm and Event databases are not working for this release.


  • Licensing for modules that have not been qualified, may not behave correctly.


  • Migrating emails for reports from TiPSView 4.6.1 to TiPSView 5.1 populates all emails in the CC list instead of distributing them between To and CC fields as previously defined.
  • There’s no preventative message when attempting to delete or move a database that is actively used in a report, which could lead to unintended loss of report data.
  • Access to existing report archives from TiPSView 4.6.1 is lost during migration.
  • The Report Editor does not support copying reports.


  • The Properties Panel fails to update when ‘View Source’ is selected, hindering real-time data reflection.


  • Exiting full-screen mode does not restore the Task panel to its previous height, affecting the user interface layout.


  • Inputting HTML code directly into notes disrupts the note’s formatting and functionality.

SSRS/Power BI:

  • Criteria in location folders will not be available for selection in the provided SSRS reports.

Mitigation and Support: We’re committed to resolving these limitations and enhancing the functionality of TiPSView. Should you encounter any issues or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


How to Request the Upgrade

Ready to request the upgrade? Start by reaching out to our TiPS Sales Team for a demonstration of TiPSView 5.1. Please note that this release requires new user and administrator training, and our sales team will provide a quotation for the installation and training, whether remote or onsite. Existing customers are requested to send their TiPSView configuration to TiPS to evaluate and perform a mock upgrade, ensuring a smooth transition. Our support team will provide recommendations for a successful product upgrade based on the evaluation.

Addressing User Adoption Concerns

Concerned about user adoption of new product releases? We understand that change can be challenging for organizations with strict controls, validation requirements, or established operating procedures. That’s why TiPS allows both the TiPSView 4.x version and TiPSView 5.1 version to be installed and used on the same server. This flexible approach enables the adoption process to align with your needs and schedules, without requiring additional capital investments.

Experience the power of TiPSView 5.1 and unlock a new level of alarm management efficiency. Contact our TiPS Sales Team today for a personalized demonstration.