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As the leading provider of alarm management software, TiPS Incorporated is excited to announce a groundbreaking milestone for LogMate users. Introducing TiPSView 5.0, our latest qualified release that brings enhanced usability, customization, and optimization capabilities.

What is TiPSView

TiPSView is the web-based interface for the LogMate environment, offering simplified access to a control system’s alarms and events, metrics, alarm system configuration and rationalization information, and automated reporting capabilities. It plays a critical role in supporting the alarm management lifecycle of organizations by providing insightful and accountable performance data for process control operations.

What’s New in TiPSView 5.0


Discover the exciting new features of TiPSView 5.0. The redesigned User Interface offers a fresh and intuitive look, making navigation and functionality a breeze. Prepare to be amazed by the wide range of enhancements that are too numerous to mention in a single posting.

Introducing an Organized Organization Tree

Get ready to bid farewell to cluttered views and criteria. TiPSView 5.0 introduces a well-organized tree structure that enhances organization, reduces duplication, and simplifies the user interface. Enjoy the flexibility of organizing your locations with multiple databases associated with one location and customized hierarchies with folders.

New and Improved Security for Enhanced Control

Security is a top priority. Our new and improved security settings ensure that views and criteria are easily found and utilized while safeguarding the configuration from unauthorized changes. Our product now offers multiple folder types, allowing for global and read-only configurations, shared access with read and write permissions, or privately owned configurations for specific users.

Elevate Your Analysis with ACE Alarm Management Views and Presentations

ACE Alarm Management Views and Presentations have been enhanced for even better analysis results. Customize the colors, chart types, and data locations in the chart presentation. Adjust advanced settings such as chart width, height, and gap size between bar and column presentations. Choose from a variety of chart types including bar, pie, line, spline, step line, column, and area.

Experience Real-Time Updates with netView

Stay up-to-date with smooth scrolling real-time updates. Enjoy the convenience of ad hoc criteria available for every visible field. Easily adjust grid column sort, location, and width. Plus, export more than 5000 records effortlessly.

Streamline Your Data Entry with Notes

Our note system includes multiple choice answers for easy and consistent data entry, ensuring accurate reporting analysis. Lock notes for future modifications, and disable records to prevent new notes from being added.

Revolutionary Reports

Take your reporting capabilities to new heights. Export millions of records effortlessly to CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, or PDFs. Generate multiple views in a single report, one for each tab in an Excel spreadsheet. Easily email reports ad hoc or on a schedule using email lists within the product. Schedule reports using past dates with existing historical data and run them at prescribed calendar frequencies.

Dynamic Themes

Express your individuality with personalized themes. Each user can choose from up to 9 themes, including Autumn, Sky Blue, Clouds, Rose, Sand, Salad, Light Green, and Pink Yellow. A Spooky theme is also included to add a touch of elegance to your user experience with a dark background.

Smooth Upgrades

Even with a complete product redesign, we’ve ensured a seamless upgrade experience. Your existing configuration is seamlessly converted to the new platform, allowing you to organize your existing reports, views, and criteria effortlessly.


How to Request the Upgrade

Ready to request the upgrade? Start by reaching out to our TiPS Sales Team for a demonstration of TiPSView 5.0. Please note that this release requires new user and administrator training, and our sales team will provide a quotation for the installation and training, whether remote or onsite. Existing customers are requested to send their TiPSView configuration to TiPS to evaluate and perform a mock upgrade, ensuring a smooth transition. Our support team will provide recommendations for a successful product upgrade based on the evaluation.

Addressing User Adoption Concerns

Concerned about user adoption of new product releases? We understand that change can be challenging for organizations with strict controls, validation requirements, or established operating procedures. That’s why TiPS allows both the TiPSView 4.x version and TiPSView 5.0 version to be installed and used on the same server. This flexible approach enables the adoption process to align with your needs and schedules, without requiring additional capital investments.


Experience the power of TiPSView 5.0 and unlock a new level of alarm management efficiency. Contact our TiPS Sales Team today for a personalized demonstration.