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As the industry leader in commercially available alarm management software, TiPS Incorporated is proud to announce a major milestone for LogMate users.  TiPSView 4.60 is the newest qualified release that features improved usability, customization, and optimization capabilities.

What is TiPSView

TiPSView is the thin-client browser interface for the LogMate environment that allows simplified access to a control system’s alarms and events, metrics, alarm system configuration and rationalization information, and automated reporting capabilities. It is pivotal in supporting the alarm management lifecycle of an organization by providing detailed insight and enhanced accountability into the performance of process control operations.

What’s New in TiPSView 4.60

Import and Export Alarm KB data to Excel

For LogMate installations that utilize the ACE module’s Alarm KB, the control system’s alarm configuration can now be exported to Microsoft Excel with a few clicks of the mouse, making bulk edits to configured alarms simpler.  After changes are made, the modified spreadsheet can then be imported. Any changes made to the alarm configuration will generate pending records for approval/rejection.

Enhanced Notes Functionality

LogMate Administrators can now customize the TiPSView Notes function to help streamline the user interface, standardize responses from operators, and provide better auditing.

  • Disable unused Note types – Tag and Generic Note types can now be disabled to simplify the Note entry form.
  • User drop-down lists – Customizable drop-down lists can now be created to provide consistency with answers and responses from TiPSView users. The preconfigured answers will provide better alignment between TiPSView users and administrators.  It also improves the ability to search multiple notes using consistent data entry.
  • Enhanced audit trail and change tracking – Leveraging the Change Data Capture feature of Microsoft SQL Server, a history of changes and modifications to a Note entry is now available. Administrators can now do a detailed audit of all changes made to the Notes database table, including deletions.
  • Approve and lock Notes – LogMate Administrators have better control over Note entries with the ability to approve and lock Notes. With approved Notes, LogMate Administrators can maintain consistency with their users, and with locked Notes both administrators and users can ensure that data is preserved and secured.

Improved TiPSView Browser User Interface

With the sunset of Microsoft Internet Explorer, the TiPSView 4.5.3 release expanded web browser support to include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Additional enhancements to the UI have been implemented to provide a more agnostic user experience between the different web browsers. This enables organizations and individual users to utilize the browser of their choice.

Enhanced Copy From/Copy To in Alarm KB

Two new Quick Search fields have been added to the Copy From/Copy To form in Alarm KB’s tag search. The new search fields will optimize the process of quickly identifying and efficiently copying alarm rationalization data. This feature in addition to the import/export feature gives users an alternative method of updating the alarm configuration.

Streamlining TiPSView Installation/Update

Several changes have been made to the TiPSView installer that allows LogMate server administrators to implement the TiPSView application and updates efficiently and with fewer obstacles.

  • Local Administrator no longer required – Windows domain administrators can now run the TiPSView installer, eliminating the need to create a local administrator account.
  • Optimized SQL Configuration searching – While running the TiPSView installer, the installer will now have better searching capabilities to identify previously configured SQL Server settings. This will eliminate the need for server administrators to research database server names and user information during the installation/update process.
  • SQL Rights can be DBO – Rather than using system administrator (sa) rights for the installer, the process has been modified to be able to utilize database owner (dbo) privileges to complete the installation/update.
  • Server restart no longer required – A full server reboot is no longer required to complete the installation/update process.


Customers with a current Extended Support Subscription should submit a request to access TiPSView 4.60 (or any other licensed LogMate module). Contact TiPS if needing assistance with these new features, or if you have feedback or suggestions for future versions of LogMate.