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PROVOX Operator Console

Emerson PROVOX Operator Console (POC) alarm and event data is available through a flat text csv file. This basic method of event storage offers little utility beyond a simple historical record. Provided the LogMate Capture has access to the csv file, LogMate can provide real-time access and collect any new data.

Each record in the csv contains 100’s of attributes.  Capture has a unique feature to create a readable alarm message to be consumed by LogMate users along with parsing important attributes into the LogMate database.

Emerson PROVOX alarm configuration is available through a set of CSV files. These CSV files are created using SQL Scripts that run against a Sybase database on the ENVOX engineering workstation.  The LogMate KB Agent can be configured to import and provide a management of change process to review subsequent changes to the PROVOX alarm system. The KB Agent can be scheduled to automatically import records for user review in TiPSView.