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For those working with potentially dangerous or sensitive processes, situation awareness is key. However, the alarms meant to draw attention to issues can quickly become overwhelming, especially for facilities that rely on a wide range of equipment or organizations with multiple locations. It’s possible to get more from alarm data and maintain optimal situation awareness with the right alarm management system. With a recent update that introduces support for more browsers, TiPSView 4.53 can help organizations manage alarms more effectively.


What is TiPSView 4.53?

Version 4.53 is the latest iteration of the browser-based alarm management system from LogMate. It’s a solution for visualizing all alarm activity from a single interface. Users can review events, access metrics and generate reports. They can also customize what they see and use search and filtering tools to locate specific events.

Adopting a browser-based alarm management interface gives operators the visibility they need to react to alarms quickly. Organizations that roll out this solution typically experience an excellent user adoption rate since the product’s features are suitable for different roles.

Users can customize the data displayed to align with their unique functions. And by grouping all alarm data in a single interface, this tool contributes to reducing alarm fatigue for operators and make them less likely to miss something important.

Engineers can benefit from this solution by extracting the data they need for maintenance and repairs. They can also design a more effective escalation workflow based on historical data. Managers can review detailed reports and measure performance against benchmarks. They can easily review the alarms that operators escalate as well.

Benefits of adopting this solution

Working with alarm data that is spread out over several systems or interfaces doesn’t paint a comprehensive picture and limits reactivity. Compiling reports is time-consuming since data has to be pulled from multiple sources. Users might also have to deal with data that overlaps or that is redundant. Thus, it could be difficult to uncover alarms that are connected and notice trends. Backups can also be a challenge.

By centralizing alarms in a single interface, version 4.53 improves visibility and helps operators save time. There is no need to check multiple systems. Besides, reports can uncover trends that suggest equipment might need repairs or maintenance, and historical data can help users learn from previous alarms.

Making changes to an alarm management system can be disruptive, but this solution is easy to implement. It’s possible to roll out this tool and create a customized configuration that will work with existing processes rather than design a major overhaul of the current system.

TiPSView features

Users can access the following features through the browser-based interface:

  • A real-time mode to review new alarm and event records. Users have access to this information as it’s being collected – without hitting the refresh button – which promotes high visibility throughout the system.
  • Time range control with which users can generate custom logs to review alarms for a specific time frame and pinpoint the cause of an issue.
  • Display filters for users to customize the data displayed on their screen and focus on the information that matters for their role. There is a simple drop-down list where users can select what they want to see in their data grid.
  • Search and filtering tools with which operators can access alarm and rationalization data for a certain type of alarm, review events for a specific location, and more.

Browser support

With previous iterations, users could access this tool via Internet Explorer. However, Microsoft will end support for this browser sometime in 2022 and recommends that users switch to Microsoft Edge instead.

The latest version of this tool is compatible with a wider range of browsers, including Edge, Chrome and Firefox. It’s the same great platform for alarm management with the same tools for issue resolution, but with more browsers supported. Users will find the same interface designed with operator accessibility in mind, and they will be able to choose which browser they want to use to access it.

Having different browsers gives users the possibility to select the one that is fastest or easiest to use on their device instead of being limited to Internet Explorer. Plus, users can generate reports in additional file formats, including MHT, XLXS and PDF.

Change the way you manage alarms with LogMate

Are you still using multiple browsers or systems to manage alarms within your organization? It’s time to take a new approach.

The LogMate product suite enables you to gradually reduce the number of alarms you deal with or even completely redesign your alarm management system to achieve better results. From real-time monitoring to collecting data for batch reviews, LogMate can help you solve operational problems and get more out of your alarm data. You can see the latest version of TiPSView in action with a no-obligation demo.

Schedule a demo today to get a better idea of how this platform could transform the way you manage alarms.