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The KB Agent is a powerful companion tool for managing the import of alarm system attributes to a Master Alarm Database. In the LogMate product suite, the Master Alarm Database is known as the Alarm Knowledge Base (KB) for its ability to house more than alarm system parameters. The software was originally conceived as a utility application tool used to facilitate the constant re-population of Alarm KB databases that are often required in alarm management best practices environments. The tool evolved along with input from end-users, creating a value-added set of features designed to drastically reduce workload and capable of accommodating a wide range of control systems. One of the KB Agent’s greatest features, by popular demand, is the ability to auto-populate the KB database as a Windows service which eliminates the need for human interaction to maintain an up-to-date Alarm KB database.

The latest update of KB Agent, version, is now available. Product enhancements include:

  • Finished implementation for AVEVA OASyS 7.6 alarm system.
  • Added “ReadButDontUpdateKB” ini file setting to prevent inserting unwanted tags into the Alarm KB for the AVEVA OASyS SCADA.
  • Added “DoNotReadFiles” ini file setting to improve performance of the KB Agent for the AVEVA OASyS SCADA.
  • Added the MOC (Management of Change) options window. This allows users to select which fields are to be updated in the MOC process and determine if new records are to skip the MOC process.

Product defects resolved:

  • Improved integration with TiPSView product by enforcing Alarm KB update rules in the KB Agent.
  • Fixed the clear pending inserts bug.
  • Ensured backward compatibility for KB Agent when using Enable, Enabled, or Configured field.
  • Fixed the flag.safety_set bug for AVEVA OASyS SCADA.