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EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert (ClearSCADA)

Geo SCADA alarm and event data is available through their proprietary and native OLE DB driver.  Capture has two modes to collect alarm and event data from the CDBEventJournal table depending on the size of the table.  For Geo SCADA installations with small CDBEventJournal tables, up to date and near real-time collection is available.  Additionally, larger CDBEventJournal tables can be queried without performance issues and the usual query timeouts as seen with other techniques.

LogMate data collection configuration is a breeze as default mapping is available for each interface.  The Capture interface is designed to parse the alarm information using the sophisticated parsing rule engine available in the LogMate product.  Capture detects and handles the differences of all Geo SCADA releases available from Control Microsystems and ClearSCADA going back to 2010.  This allows easy access to historical events that are difficult to query from Geo SCADA directly, and future-proofs your alarm management solution.

The Geo SCADA alarm configuration is available through the same proprietary and native OLE DB driver used with the event database access using LogMate’s KB Agent.  In fact, Capture and KB Agent typically use the same configured Geo SCADA configured connection.  In addition to the standard point tables available, other tables can be added through the KB Agent configuration to have a complete Alarm KB database (master alarm database). The LogMate KB Agent can be configured to import and provide a management of change process to review subsequent changes to the Geo SCADA alarm system.  KB Agent also can be scheduled to automatically import records for user review in TiPSView.  Specifically for the Geo SCADA interface, the KB Agent has a QueryPad-like feature for diagnostics and troubleshooting.