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Emerson DeltaV alarm and event data is available through the ejournal database located on the Application or ProPlus workstations.  Additional DeltaV licenses may be required. This data is updated in real-time to LogMate by using a Capture OLEDB port. Alternatively, the DeltaV event data is also available using OPC AE connection using a Capture OPC port. TiPS does not recommend OPC AE connection since events can be missed during server reboots or network outages.

DeltaV alarm configuration is available through a native DeltaV backup .fhx file. The LogMate KB Agent can be configured to import and provide a management of change process to review subsequent changes to the DeltaV alarm system. Both the fhx file creation in DeltaV and the KB Agent also can be scheduled to automatically import records for user review in TiPSView.