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Additional Information about TiPS and Alarm Management

Explore TiPS’ Software for Alarm Management

LogMate is a complete Alarm Management Lifecycle software suite used for monitoring and assessing the performance of control systems.

Whether it be a single control system, multiple control systems from a single vendor, or multiple control systems from multiple vendors, LogMate provides analysis and reporting capabilities to users through a simple web browser-based interface.

This interface supplies operators and process engineers access to a consolidated overview of alarms, response times, performance statistics, response procedures, and a variety of standard and custom reports. Take a closer look at the LogMate suite of software products.

AVEVA Connectivity

TiPS has successfully deployed LogMate on these AVEVA platforms:

Review TiPS’ comprehensive list of control systems LogMate has been deployed on…

Why TiPS?

TiPS began operations in 1988 as a process controls consulting firm. By 1990, the first version of LogMate was released as a commercially available software-based data logger replacement for printers.

In addition to consulting and engineering services, TiPS provides Alarm Rationalization workshops and Alarm Philosophy Document gap assessments to assist your organization in adhering to regulations and best practices.

TiPS leadership has been involved in both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Society of Automation (ISA), and is also a voting member of both the ISA Standards Committees for ISA-18.2 “Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries” since 2008, and ISA-101 “Human-Machine Interfaces” since 2017.