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AUSTIN – TiPS, Inc., developer of LogMate®, the industry’s favorite user-oriented alarm management software, today announces patent approval of their industry-leading alarm activation point calculation. Together with Dr. Doug Rothenberg, the premier expert in alarm management, TiPS developed this exclusive method to provide a time to manage calculation for a user to respond to an abnormal device and prevent or reduce the unwanted consequences of the situation. ANSI/ISA 18.2, the industry-standard in alarm management, requires documentation, prioritization, and alarm limit calculations. However, LogMate® is the only alarm management software that features an alarm limit calculation. LogMate® houses this information in the Alarm Knowledge Base, fulfilling visibility and accountability best practices.

“The alarm limit calculation takes the guesswork out of rationalization,” TiPS President and CEO Bob Weibel said. “It is the foundation you truly need to make a calculated, non-biased decision about how much time is required to respond to and resolve an alarm before unwanted consequences occur. This tool will prevent equipment damage and even save lives.” “The tool streamlines the Documentation and Rationalization process by recommending the setting for the alarm activation point, which is a foundational requirement of a properly configured alarm,” said Rothenberg. “All current standards and guidelines call for the value to allow enough time for proper handling of the abnormal condition. While this is straightforward in concept, the actual setting is more involved. LogMate® includes a tool that will calculate a recommended alarm activation point value directly, saving time and removing bias from the process.”

The alarm limit calculation tool is included in the latest releases of LogMate®, versions 7.20 and higher. It is recommended that LogMate® customers install the latest version to ensure optimum performance. About TiPS, Inc. Since introducing the first full-featured alarm management software, LogMate®, in 1990, TiPS has continued to deliver best-in-class process alarm management products and services worldwide.

TiPS was founded in 1988 as an automation consulting firm specializing in wet chemical manufacturing facilities. Over the years, customer needs prompted the creation of software, which received such acclaim and demand that TiPS began to adjust its focus to the development and distribution of software tools for the entire process industry. TiPS’ product quality and longevity enable us to connect you with the leaders in alarm management knowledge and services, including formative members of the ASM Consortium®, participants in the EEMUA® 191 effort, and contributors to the ISA® 18.2 alarm management standards committee.

About Dr. Doug Rothenberg:  Dr. Doug Rothenberg is founder and President of D-RoTH, Inc., a leading world-class consulting firm in all areas of alarm management systems for industrial manufacturing and technology providers, and author of Alarm Management for Process Control. He holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, a MSEE from Case Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He is past president of the Cleveland Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society and remains active in both regional and national engineering and professional societies, including ISA and Sigma Xi. He serves on ISA 18 and API 1167 alarm management standards committees