Improve Operational Performance With Expert Human Factors Engineering And Advanced User Interface Design



Effective operations in modern control rooms require not only flexible technology but also thorough consideration of Human Factors engineering. While control system technology is a critical component of successful operations, work environments that optimize the value of that technology to the people operating the facility are equally important.

There are many aspects to human factors engineering and user centered design. The complete design and layout of the control building itself is one consideration as well as the individual console or workstation design. Another area of emphasis is on the optimization of graphics to present information clearly and in a way that maximizes operator effectiveness.

TiPS has industry leading human factors subject matter experts that we work with to deliver workshops, consulting services, usability evaluations, and advanced graphics development tools with associated training to our customers maximizing the value of technology by optimizing it for the users.

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At TiPS we believe that one of the most effective ways to create sustainable improvements in Human Factors and Display Design Principles is to empower customers with knowledge. To support this approach, TiPS works with industry leading subject matter experts to provide a variety of workshops. These workshops guide you through relevant topics on Human Factors and Display Design with detail levels customized based on your individual needs.

These workshops are a good fit for many customers to provide a better understanding of recommended best practices and standards as well as outlining key areas to consider when designing a control room or developing HMI displays. Our workshops provide you with the knowledge to determine how to best proceed with planned projects or revise current practices.

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Design and Consulting Services

The human factors and control room design is a broad area with many aspects. Whether you have an existing control room that needs to be assessed against industry best practices, or you are in the planning stages of building a new control room, we can provide expertise in vital human factor areas such as operating console design and arrangement, control room environment and user interfaces.

We consider ourselves a part of your team and focus our efforts on understanding how your operators use the control system, what distractions and challenges they have, and how the control room environment contributes positively or negatively to their performance. Our unique approach to graphics development simplifies the way information is represented so that operators get prioritized information with the right level of detail in a way that maximizes their ability to recognize and act.

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