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Introduction to Alarm Management

TiPS Simplifies The Alarm Rationalization Process

Understanding and Owning Alarm Rationalization

Alarm Rationalization Services

Per ANSI/ISA 18.2, alarm rationalization reconciles the identified need for an alarm or alarm system change with the principles in the alarm philosophy. For most, the alarm rationalization process requires a significant number of resources, a large amount of time and is often considered the most daunting task in the alarm management lifecycle. Ultimately, the result of the alarm rationalization process is clear documentation of alarms consistent with the alarm philosophy.

Some companies have in-house alarm rationalization expertise and simply need good tools to assist in the initial alarm rationalization effort and subsequent alarm management of change process. For these customers, LogMate™ includes Alarm KB™ a module within ACE™ that provides these tools and facilitates both alarm rationalization and management of change.

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Alarm Rationalization Workshop

TiPS believes that one of the most effective ways to create sustainable alarm management programs is to empower customers with knowledge. To support this approach, for those customers who are new to alarm rationalization, TiPS offers an alarm rationalization workshop. These workshops are facilitated by industry leading subject matter experts who guide you through the alarm rationalization process and get you started rationalizing your alarms.

The alarm rationalization workshop is the right fit for many customers. The workshop covers the general principles of alarm rationalization and also provides a hands-on rationalization experience. So whether you are using the “starting from zero” approach or the “starting from where you are” approach, the workshop will deliver value to you.

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Alarm Rationalization Consultation

Maybe you have already started your alarm rationalization process and would like a third-party subject matter expert to review your process or provide advice in certain areas? Maybe you are getting ready to undertake your alarm rationalization effort and would like help getting started? Our alarm rationalization experts will work with you to understand your particular challenges and successfully guide you through the alarm rationalization process.

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LogMate’s Alarm KB Tool Delivers Rationalization and Management of Change

As a container for “master” alarm configuration, the Alarm KB is equipped with automated rationalization tools such as a prioritization calculator and an integrated management of change workflow.

It empowers you to fully execute your alarm rationalization project and enables ongoing management of alarm changes:

    • Design, manage, and monitor your master alarm configuration
    • Automatically identify configuration changes in a DCS
    • Document and rationalize alarm settings
    • Create an online operating procedure and document center

Operators can rely on the Alarm KB for immediate access to procedural advice. Engineers can utilize the Alarm KB to ensure consistent alarm design and change management.