Recent TiPS Articles Published

TiPS is proud to have been featured in two alarm management related articles recently.  The first article, Recognizing Benefits Of Pipeline Alarm Management is included in the December issue of Pipeline and Gas Journal.  TiPS authored this article discussing the challenges the pipeline industry faced with PHMSA 49 CFR Parts 192 and 195, the solutions implemented to address the new regulations and the benefits that many in the pipeline industry have realized as a result of focusing on alarm management solutions.  TiPS has a leadership position in applying alarm management to the pipeline industry.

A second article featured in AutomationWorld, Operator Interfaces: Moving from Comfortable to Most Effective includes significant content contributions by TiPS as well as our HMI design and human factors engineering partner, Acuite.  This article discusses how to improve operator performance through better alarm management and HMI design.  Alarm management is an integral part of making operating graphics effective as we point out in a whitepaper How Good Alarm Management Supports More Effective HMI Graphics which you can download in the whitepaper section of our resource library.


Co-Authored Article in Pipeline & Gas Journal – Five Practical Elements of Effective SCADA Graphics

In the February 2013 issue of Pipeline and Gas Journal, a co-authored article published by TiPS Solution Partner, Lisa Garrison from Acuite and TiPS marketing manager Daniel Roessler on the importance of Five Practical Elements Of Effective SCADA Graphics. The importance in making your display layout consistent and data consolidated might have you seeking some helpful advice. This article addresses layout, data consolidation and information integrity. Additionally, the appropriate use of colors mapped to alarm levels, alarm handling and navigation insights from this article may assist you in addressing these important assignments by offering expert guidance defined within HMI standards.