Logmate Trac


Integrated Trend Display and Powerful KPI Engine Enhances Data Relevance

TRAC is a powerful KPI generator with an integrated graphics engine, flexible trending visualization tool and OPC compliant server. The KPI engine calculates specified performance metrics based on alarms, events and operator actions which can then also be served as OPC-HDA items to compliant third-party systems such as historians. TRAC is a standards-based, thin-client tool accessed through a web browser which supports both real-time and historical process, KPI, alarm and event data for comprehensive visualization.


Contextual Analysis

Supports combined trending of process data with alarm and
event data to give a complete, contextualized view of upsets
or incidents.

Alarm Performance Benchmarking

Enables plotting of specified metrics of alarm performance
against expected targets for on-going benchmark analysis.

Flexible KPI Calculations

Easily configurable, user-defined KPI calculations based on
alarms, events and operator actions.

Standards Based Solution

Leverages standard technologies by employing Microsoft®
SQL Server®, OPC-HDA, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
web browser solutions.

Robust KPI Server and Client

KPI calculations are broadcasts as OPC-HDA items enabling
utilization in other systems, TRAC can also function as an
OPC-HDA server capable of trending third-party OPC-HDA items.

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Improves Operational Insight

Enables holistic view of operational data to add context and
increase understanding of process performance.

Enhances Diagnostic Capability

Flexibility to view both real-time and historical process data,
alarms, and KPIs supporting quicker identification of root causes
for process upsets.

Optimizes Performance

Supports extensive KPI calculations and archiving for long-term
historical performance monitoring and optimization efforts.

Minimizes Total Cost of Ownership

Reduces total cost of ownership and minimizes maintenance
requirements by leveraging standards based technologies and

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