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Introduction to Alarm Management

Signal Alarm Notification System

Signal is a real-time logical event detection and reaction engine. Signal monitors the content of alarm and event messages and takes immediate action when a specified situation occurs. Signal can also process an event from an external source, such as a state estimation engine, complex process model, or other event detection system. Event detection may use simple or complex logic, and can include time-based delays or wait periods. Actions are set to take place upon detection of the desired event or on a predetermined schedule.

Examples of actions that can be taken:

    • Email notification
    • Auto-Print to specified printer
    • Run an external application:

* Identification model

* Further event handling

* Information sent to the control system

* Keystroke replication

* Dynamic alarm handling routine

Remain alert and aware of upsets in your process, even when you’re not in the control room. Signal continuously monitors alarm and event activity for your entire site and notifies you immediately when something happens that you feel is important. Alerts can be sent to any device capable of receiving messages via TAP or SMTP – a PDA, a mobile phone, a remote computer – just about anything.

Send specific instructions to the control system or another automation controller. Signal can trigger automatic routines that suppress alarms or alter control settings during grade changes, startup, shutdown, or other changes in plant state. Automatically view or print change reports when configurations have been altered.

Signal is compatible with every major DCS and HMI, allows for an unlimited number of logical event patterns and notification instructions.

Download the Signal brochure here.