Automated Real-Time Event Detection and Notification with Advanced Messaging

The Signal module monitors the content of the Capture alarm and event database for specific, user-configured scenarios. Signal can be triggered for single events or a series of events and can be installed on one or multiple servers. When the defined event occurs, Signal sends notifications to any device capable of receiving TAP or SMTP messaging. The notification can be used to inform, provide instruction, or request action.


Broad Compatibility

Signal works with major DCS, HMI and SCADA solutions.

Complex Event Trigger Processing

Event triggers can be single events, compound events, scheduled
events or internal system events.

Diverse Action Capability

Signal actions in response to an event can:

    • Notify or inform only
    • Provide instructions or request actions
    • Deliver ACE analysis reports
    • Launch .exe files or execute command line interface applications

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Improves Decision Making

Prompts faster, better-informed decisions when key events occur.

Simplifies Troubleshooting

Reduces troubleshooting burden by providing automated, real-time
identification of relevant events.

Encourages Consistency

Improves operational consistency by standardizing responses to
a given event.

Promotes Issue Resolution

Provides automated escalation routing to backup personnel or
chain of command bringing consistency to how issues are
handled and resolved.

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