Why Choose TiPS?

LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

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Introduction to Alarm Management

Easy Configuration Data Grid for Alarm and Event Monitoring

netView is an alarm and event monitoring tool that uses a web browser as its client interface. Operators, engineers, management, anyone can monitor, search, and filter alarms, events, and reports from any system. By simply opening a web browser from any desktop or workstation, every alarm and event is visible. netView is straightforward to implement and very easy to learn bringing consolidation and consistency to monitoring alarm activity. The return on investment is immediate.

Intended to replace the many disparate alarm interfaces typical in a plant, netView is compatible with every major DCS and HMI and is equipped with advanced alarm monitor features such as real-time mode, time range control, display filters, and an ad-hoc search engine.

netView increases insight into alarm activity and performance speeding the troubleshooting process.

Real-Time and Incident Forensics:

Monitor a complete, searchable, sortable list of alarms and events

LogMate displays alarms and events on a customized datagrid. Data can be viewed from any historic time range or in real-time. The grid can be filtered, sorted, and colored to adapt for specific needs or situations.

LogMate utilizes a standard Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browser so operators, engineers, and management can monitor, search, and filter alarms and events from any system.

    • React more quickly to process upsets
    • Combine alarms into one screen
    • Quickly research upsets and unscheduled shutdowns

Netview Datagrid

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One-click access to process documents, notes, and operator advice

Access to timely and relevant information is crucial to successfully managing an abnormal situation. LogMate provides online access via Internet Explorer® to a complete list of alarm activity. One click on any alarm opens a page of diagnostic information with sections for operator advice, process notes, and links to external plant documents or diagrams.

    • Quickly view operator and process resources for decision assistance
    • Link directly to information relevant to any alarm or event
    • Insert additional notes about process conditions or discoveries

Netview Popup

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