Logmate Netview


Consolidated, Accessible Alarm Activity Visualization and Monitoring

netView is an alarm and event data visualization and monitoring package that uses a Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browser as its client interface. netView presents data in a data grid that is easy for users to customize and format to individual preferences. Any user with a web browser can monitor, search, and filter alarms, events, and reports from any system connected to the database simplifying real-time and historical troubleshooting.


Consolidated Monitoring

Provides a single, consistent view capable of bringing together
information from many disparate alarm interfaces.

Comprehensive Viewing Criteria

Data grids deliver flexible and extensive filtering options to
prioritize and view data by relevance or importance.

Convenient Accessibility

Employs standard web browser to broaden access to a wide
user base.

Simple Configuration

Customizable grid views based on individual user preferences
are easily configured using selectable drop down list.

Relevant Information Sharing

One-click on an alarm enables instant access to relevant
operator advice, process notes, and external documents
or drawings.

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Faster Response

Speeds identification of and reaction to real-time process upsets
by delivering clear, relevant alarm and event information.

Simplified Forensic Analysis

Makes historical analysis of upsets and unscheduled shutdowns
easier by consolidating data and enabling filtered views.

Better Informed Decisions

Opens alarm and event data accessibility to a broad user base that
can leverage the information to make better informed decisions.

Low Cost of Ownership

Works within existing plant IT infrastructure minimizing total costs
of ownership.

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