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LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

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Introduction to Alarm Management

Comprehensive Alarm Analysis, Rationalization and
Management of Change Functionality

ACE delivers tremendous functionality with easy-to-use software enabling advanced analysis, simplified rationalization and automated management of change. See some examples of how to apply ACE below.

Bad Actor Removal:

Apply the “80-20 Rule” using powerful data analysis tools

It is well known that removal or repair of "bad actor" alarms can result in a substantial reduction in overall alarm activity. LogMate analysis tools are specifically designed to mine through large databases, highlighting the worst actors, creating a clear path to reduced alarm activity.

    • Eliminate “bad actor” alarms
    • Reduce alarm activity
    • Lay the foundation for better alarm performance

Ace Nuisance

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Rationalization and Detail Design:

Integrated project management for alarm design/rationalization

Rationalization, like many projects, can involve different people and carry on for a long time. Whether you choose to single-handedly manage changes to the alarm system or a team will be formed, it makes sense to capture the knowledge discovered as the process moves along. It also makes sense to have some way to track the progress of the design effort.

LogMate helps manage alarm rationalization by providing a central storage database for process and alarm knowledge. As simple as entering text into a web form, you can type notes, comments, and advice into your own Alarm "Knowledge Base." LogMate tracks the progress of alarm changes by indicating what has and has not been reviewed as well as what is currently in process.

Alarm  Approval

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Management of Change:

Approval, rejection, and audit of alarm system changes

Effective change management ensures that the alarm system remains stable and viable. LogMate’s management of change module becomes a "buffer zone" where proposed changes can be reviewed prior to implementation. Changes can be approved and passed on for implementation or rejected. All edits are recorded in a change
audit file.

An active configuration can be compared to an authorized configuration within the LogMate management of change module. Any discrepancies are flagged for immediate attention. Integrated change approval and online configuration comparison maintains the integrity of alarm settings.

    • “Review / Approve / Reject” changes prior to implementation
    • Timestamp and comment changes

Alarm Approval

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