Logmate ACE

Alarm Configuration Expert™ (ACE™)

Comprehensive Alarm Analysis, Rationalization and Management of Change Functionality

The ACE module is a simple-to-use, advanced analysis package enabling alarm configuration and alarm activity statistical analysis. ACE contains the Alarm Knowledge Base (Alarm KB) that delivers alarm rationalization and documentation functionality to your web browser. Management of Change (MOC) tracking is also integrated into the ACE capabilities to provide a documented and methodical approach to the alarm change approval and implementation process.


Complete, Straightforward Analysis

Flexible analysis reports that are easy to set up and easier to
use including configurable reporting by an extensive number
of criteria such as:

    • Alarms per specified time period
    • Time in alarm and time to acknowledge
    • Stale, standing, chattering and related alarms
    • Alarms distribution by priority or other specified identifiers
    • Other key characteristics

Standard Browser Interface

Accessible using a standard Microsoft Internet Explorer®
Browser, ACE does not require additional client software.

Centralized Alarm Information

Provides a process knowledge database pertaining to alarm
configuration settings, alarm removal/addition rationale and
other alarm characteristics with customizable views of valuable
alarm related attributes.

Simplified Rationalization

An innovative, patented alarm limit calculator simplifies the
rationalization process by providing a rational approach to determine
the appropriate alarm limits to allow sufficient time to respond to a
process upset.

Efficient Change Management

View and approve/reject proposed alarm changes prior to
implementation complete with a recorded timestamp and
associated comments.

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Improves Identification of Alarm Issues

Enables better and faster identification of alarm related issues,
reducing troubleshooting time.

Empowers Users

From operators to corporate management, alarm analysis is
accessible and available in customizable views to maximize
alarm information value and use.

Better Alarm Design

Facilitates efficient evaluation, analysis and design of alarm priority distribution to increase overall alarm effectiveness.

Enhances Change Control

Improves understanding of how to prioritize and implement alarm
changes to optimize performance.

ACE Control Room

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