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Why Choose TiPS?

LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

    • Leadership Participation in Alarm Standards Committees
    • Dedicated Alarm Management Focus
    • Comprehensive Alarm Management Software Solutions
    • Adaptable Services Model
    • Flexible and Extensive Software Connectivity Portfolio
    • Broad Industry Experience

LogMate Includes Built-In Alarm Rationalization Features

Alarm rationalization can be a challenge to define and implement, but within the LogMate’s ACE Module, the LogMate Alarm KB includes built-in features that make it much easier than traditional methods. The Alarm KB comes with standard functionality that aligns with widely-accepted best practices to:

    • Assess current alarm performance
    • Develop and document alarm philosophy
    • Review and calculate alarm limits (set points)
    • Determine and set alarm priorities

The Alarm KB enables rationalization teams to capture and track all important alarm data. It is a central database of alarm configurations, alarm priority and limit calculations, change management and audit features. It functions as a complete knowledge management tool providing automated alarm data collection, organization and retrieval.

TiPS’ patented alarm limit calculation utility is also part of the LogMate Alarm KB capabilities. Together with Dr. Doug Rothenberg, the premiere expert in alarm management, TiPS developed this exclusive method to provide a time to manage calculation for a user to respond to an abnormal event and prevent or reduce the unwanted consequences of the situation.

Process Safety Time

Calculate Alarm Limits (Set Points)

The new alarm limit calculation utility provides a rational approach to calculate the appropriate alarm limits to allow sufficient time to respond to a process upset. Based on research and methodology from Dr. Doug Rothenberg, the utility calculates alarm limits based on:

    • Rate Of Change (ROC) of the instrument’s process variable
    • Time To Manage (TTM) the alarm including a defined safety margin
    • Process variable "Trouble" threshold values based on rationalization

Calculate Alarm Priorities

The alarm prioritization tool calculates recommended alarm priorities based on a severity matrix of safety, financial and environmental impacts. The easy to use utility is completely customizable based on user requirements and input variables.

Flexible Design

The LogMate Alarm KB contains a "snapshot" of control system settings which can be enhanced with additional information such as possible causes for an alarm and recommended corrective actions. The design of the Alarm KB is completely flexible, producing a comprehensive electronic resource for operations documentation.

Real-Time Advisory Tool Makes Rationalization Easy

The Alarm KB allows operators to rationalize their alarms and modify their real-time summary screen with corrective action instructions or other important alarm information. LogMate’s real-time netView screen provides the exact instructions operators need to see for their process. When alarms happen, operators can see exactly what caused it, what corrective action they need to take, how much time they have for action, and the consequence if no action is taken. The Alarm KB enables operators to have related safety information available in real-time, like safety procedures or diagrams available from an alarm screen.

Real Time Advisory Tool

With the Alarm KB (rationalization tool) operators can turn vague alarm events into “guidance information.” When an alarm activates in real-time, operators can see “cause,” “corrective action” or other important information.

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