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Logmate Software Services

LogMate™ Software Installation And Configuration

LogMate is designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-implement but why not let our over 25 years of experience installing the product work for you? We understand the intricacies of connecting LogMate to many different control systems. We come to your site prepared for the unique requirements of control system connectivity and can reduce the time it takes for you to get LogMate connected and collecting data.

We help configure user accounts and create analysis views within either netView™ or ACE™ for a variety of common alarm analysis. If you are using LogMate’s Alarm KB™ then we also connect and populate the knowledgebase. The TiPS installation team also validates that the system is actively collecting data and working properly through a testing and sign-off process.

The TiPS team can make your LogMate installation and integration with your existing control infrastructure seamless.

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LogMate is a powerful alarm management software solution, but it is only effective if you are knowledgeable on how to use it. Most often, TiPS includes user and administrator training as part of our on-site installation engagement. We work to make sure that users understand how to leverage the LogMate tool to maximize benefit. We also train administrators on the details of successfully managing and maintaining the application.

Users have the option of off-site LogMate training if that is more beneficial to your staff. We can also leverage current technologies to provide web-based coaching sessions for users. At TiPS, we can modify and adapt our training to meet customer specific needs and enhance the training program’s value to users.

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Extended Support Subscription (ESS)

TiPS offers an annual Extended Support Subscription (ESS) for your convenience. When you have questions that arise, an ESS gives you phone and email access to the TiPS professional customer support team. Maybe it is a question about alarm analysis information you are reviewing? Maybe you have upgraded or replaced your control system and need to reconfigure your connectivity port? Either way, you can get quick access to experienced help with an ESS.

When new releases of LogMate are available, an ESS also provides immediate access to them. This enables you to take advantage of the new features and if you need help with the upgrade, just call our support team.

There are numerous benefits to an ESS with TiPS.

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