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LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

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Power generation plants can be diverse ranging from gas turbines to hydroelectric, but the alarm challenges are similar independent of type. Reliable electricity is absolutely critical to how we live today. The constant demand for increased production combined with the upgrades in technology related to smart grid initiatives make it challenging to establish and maintain meaningful alarm settings in many power generation plants.

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Common Power Industry Challenges

    • Alarm information is not consolidated or easily accessible
    • Ineffective tools to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues
    • Limited automation related budgets
    • Adapting alarms and alarm settings as technology innovations occur

TiPS Power Industry Solutions

    • LogMate provides a single, consolidated view accessible through a standard web browser
    • Analysis tools to identify related alarms, alarm floods, chattering alarms and other alarm events
    • Use of standard technology and interfaces to reduce total cost of ownership and simplify maintenance
    • Alarm KB within LogMate’s ACE module supports alarm configuration management of change

User Scenario

A 1.7 MW coal-fired steam turbine power generation plant integrated plant control and monitoring, boiler control and burner management systems into a single DCS in an effort to improve operational effectiveness. Too much alarm activity quickly became noticeable as a significant issue with the consolidated DCS so a task force was formed to investigate and address alarm management.

After looking at several alarm management options, they chose LogMate. LogMate was quickly installed and collecting data. Over the next 6 months the plant went through the process of using LogMate to identify root cause alarm issues. The majority of nuisance alarms were found to be due to incorrect alarm activation points set too close to normal operating ranges. There were also numerous unnecessary equipment status alarms identified and removed.

The issues were corrected and a dramatic reduction in alarms has established a new normal for operations. Previously, many alarms were activated in a normal operating state, now only a few valid and meaningful alarms are displayed. Seeing these benefits, the plant has now incorporated regular alarm reviews using LogMate into their standard operating practice.

LogMate enables fast identification and troubleshooting of alarm management issues in your power plant.

Alarm management in many older facilities is also problematic with symptoms including alarm floods, nuisance alarms, and poorly defined alarm interactions. Whether you have an older facility struggling with poorly documented rationale behind alarm settings from many years ago or a power plant on the leading edge of smart grid initiatives, TiPS provides the right products and services to address your alarm management issues and improve performance.

Optimized production and no downtime are becoming expectations within the power industry. Nuisance alarms, chattering alarms, and other alarm issues are unwanted frustrations for operators who are focused on delivering power to the grid. Eliminating these negative alarm events is vital to improving power plant operations.

TiPS has been a trusted partner to power generation companies like yours since 1990. Today, more than 50 unique power generation customers rely on LogMate, the industry’s alarm management software of choice, to solve their greatest challenges. Isn’t it time you switched to LogMate?