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Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Validation Support

Technology validation is intended to defend against accidental product changes resulting from a change in production assets or materials. Unfortunately, it also burdens manufacturers with the activities and expense of validating those changes. We strongly believe that being a responsible software supplier means helping manufacturers comply with validation standards. Doing so benefits manufacturers by enabling the adoption of technologies that will improve their business operations.

TiPS understands how software creates unique validation issues due to frequent updates and potential volatility. We have worked closely with our pharmaceutical and biotech clients to ease the initial purchase process and to help maintain validated status throughout version update cycles.

For the initial purchase process, we offer corporate manufacturing quality documentation and will actively participate in the design of software validation standards as well as the validation audit process. Many of our clients have exhaustive validation requirements and we worked with them side-by-side to pass review and get the product up and running under the scrutiny of the validation team.

We also support validation trials, where we install a test system that operates in parallel with the existing control environment. This allows for evaluation of software performance without impacting validated operations.

Product updates are another area of focus. Updates add the latest features and fixes to the product, however they can potentially interfere with validated status. Tips can assist in providing documentation or on-site validation resources. A popular alternative is to install redundant alarm management systems. One system is always validated, while the other system is used for updates and potentially other change experimentation. Redundant systems ensures a validated system is always online, and gives the manufacturer the flexibility and freedom to update and change another system.

TiPS believes that sustaining a validated alarm management system and taking advantage of forward-moving technology trends should not be mutually exclusive.