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Why Choose TiPS?

LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

    • Leadership Participation in Alarm Standards Committees
    • Dedicated Alarm Management Focus
    • Comprehensive Alarm Management Software Solutions
    • Adaptable Services Model
    • Flexible and Extensive Software Connectivity Portfolio
    • Broad Industry Experience

TiPS Optimizes Alarms To Improve Production Consistency

Metals, Minerals, Cement

The global metals, minerals and cement industry is extremely competitive and requires companies to efficiently produce high quality, low variability product. In general, the industry has made good use of their alarm settings minimizing alarm related disruptions. However, many operations can still benefit from alarm analysis that provides real-time insight into product consistency. Other metals, minerals and cement operations still confront operator overload issues. Alarm management is an excellent tool to help address workload balance among operators.

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Common Metals, Minerals and Cement Industry Challenges

    • Access to consolidated, real-time alarm analysis information
    • Ineffective tools to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues
    • Limited automation related budgets
    • Adapting alarms and alarm settings as technology innovations occur

TiPS Metals, Minerals and Cement Industry Solutions

    • LogMate provides a single, consolidated view accessible through a standard web browser providing both real-time and historical alarm information
    • Analysis tools to identify related alarms, alarm floods, chattering alarms and other alarm events
    • We use standard technology and interfaces to reduce total cost of ownership and simplify maintenance
    • Alarm KB within LogMate’s ACE module supports alarm configuration management of change

User Scenario

A cement manufacturer recently began having issues with product quality. The plant had recently undergone a number of equipment modifications and upgrades. The engineer troubleshooting the quality issues hasn’t been able to determine the issue from the control system. He decides to use LogMate alarm analysis to see if he is missing something. He compares data from several historical time periods both before and after the equipment changes. Several alarms are occurring with a much higher frequency and a few others are in constant alarm.

He then runs a related alarm analysis and discovers that the trigger alarm is related to controls in the kiln area. After further investigation, he pins down the root cause as an improperly calibrated instrument and after maintenance re-calibrates the instrumentation, the product quality issues are resolved.

Don’t underestimate the power of LogMate’s alarm analysis information to provide valuable operational insight!

Whether in kiln or mill operations alarms can provide valuable insight into the product. Having the tools to manage and analyze these alarms in real-time can provide you with the time to make necessary adjustments to ensure product consistency. This is true regardless of your operations.

In the metals, minerals and cement industry, technology is continuing to rapidly change and evolve. The operations are becoming more sophisticated and more automated. The adoption of these new technologies and capabilities brings with it potential changes to alarm settings in existing operations. ACE contains Alarm KB which provides a documented and automated process for alarm management of change.

Our local or distributed architecture with centralized visualization through a standard web browser provides our metals, minerals and cement customers with the flexibility needed to mine raw materials and convert them to usable products. At TiPS, we’ve been helping metals, minerals and cement companies just like yours solve alarm management problems since 1990.