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Why Choose TiPS?

LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

    • Leadership Participation in Alarm Standards Committees
    • Dedicated Alarm Management Focus
    • Comprehensive Alarm Management Software Solutions
    • Adaptable Services Model
    • Flexible and Extensive Software Connectivity Portfolio
    • Broad Industry Experience

Introduction to Alarm Management

LogMate® is the Complete, Low Cost Alarm Management Solution

Consumer Goods

In consumer product goods (CPG) industries such as food and beverage, scrutiny by government agencies slowed broad-scale DCS adoption. As a result, manufacturers have experienced alarm issues later than in some other industries. The same regulatory environment will continue to drive interest in applying alarm management technologies to solve or prevent alarm related issues. Compliance and traceability are also essential components of consumer product goods manufacturing requirements.

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Common CPG Industry Challenges

    • Need to re-create manufacturing conditions for traceability
    • Ineffective tools to quickly identify and troubleshoot alarm issues
    • Limited automation related budgets
    • Adapting alarms and alarm settings with process changes and technology improvements

TiPS CPG Industry Solutions

    • LogMate provides both historical and real-time alarm visibility
    • Analysis tools to identify related alarms, alarm floods, chattering alarms and other alarm events
    • TiPS employs standard technology and interfaces to reduce total cost of ownership and simplify maintenance
    • Alarm KB within LogMate’s ACE module supports alarm configuration management of change

User Scenario

A food ingredient company is one of several suppliers of sweetener for a snack company producing name brand snack products. After a recent contamination issue that undermined consumer confidence, the snack company has implemented a new supply chain traceability initiative. They are now requiring all of their suppliers to provide evidence of quality production with the ability to re-create production conditions as verification.

The food ingredient company has LogMate and realizes that the alarm information for a given production run is an important component of proving quality and establishing production conditions. They begin capturing reports with each production run to capture active alarms during the run. When the snack company audits the food ingredient company, they are impressed by the alarm analysis information that accompanies each production run. The food ingredient company gets a high rating and becomes the preferred sweetener supplier of the snack company.

LogMate’s comprehensive real-time and historic alarm detail associated with production runs enables quality assessment and product traceability.

Alarm management is an integral part of providing operational insight along with the associated production information. LogMate delivers alarm management tools for forensic analysis of batches or production runs to evaluate product quality before releasing for shipment. Alarm management reports can also be captured to document production performance.

Management of change is another essential part of alarm management within the consumer product goods industry. Alarm rationalization and subsequent preservation of alarm integrity is vital to product quality standards. When changes to alarm settings are required, a planned review and implementation process is needed. Within ACE, Alarm KB simplifies the process of change management for alarms.

Whether your operations are a brewery, a snack food production plant, or some other consumer product goods manufacturing facility, LogMate is the right solution for a comprehensive, low total cost of ownership alarm management software. At TiPS, we have been helping consumer product good manufacturers like you solve alarm management issues since 1990.