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Introduction to Alarm Management

If your boss ever tells you to “work” in Miami at a trade conference, DO IT.  This past April the TiPS team attended the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Conference and Expo held in Miami, Florida. Before we tell you about our time at the conference, let’s take a few steps back and start with what exactly Responsible Care is.

Adopted in 1988, Responsible Care helps American Chemistry Council member companies significantly enhance their performance, discover new business opportunities, and improve employee safety, the health of the communities in which they operate, and the environment as a whole, moving us toward a safer, more sustainable future.

Participation in Responsible Care is mandatory for ACC member companies, all of which have made CEO-level commitments to uphold the program elements.

To make a good first impression at the conference we thought it best to bring a gift, and a drone seemed to be the perfect gift. The attendees seemed to think so too, with some of the nearly 300 attendees stopping by multiple times to put “a few” of their business cards in for a chance to win the drawing for the drone.

Why Go?

The purpose of our attendance at this conference was to find out if TiPS was a fit for the Responsible Care discipline.

The story of how we got there is quite interesting.

After the installation of a new customer’s software, our Senior Account Manager, Jacob Guerrero, was working with the client to find ways to contribute to the company’s Situation Awareness efforts. During a meeting with the LogMate® user, the Responsible Care program and the company’s corporate director for the program briefly came up during conversation. This sparked investigation into Responsible Care by the TiPS team to see how we could aid in some of their initiatives.

This particular company had the goal of more quickly identifying and managing specific safety critical alarms as well as seeing the focus of those particular alarms at specific operators’ stations, two initiatives directly in line with RC program goals. In assessing the roles of the attendees at the previous Responsible Care conference in addition to taking a poll from a selection of attendees, TiPS came to the conclusion that Alarm Management best practices and metrics, along with HMI Optimization, contribute to the program’s safety goals and the Responsible Care guiding principles.

TiPS feels that Alarm Management and HMI optimization should be an integral part of Responsible Care requirements for environmental health, safety, and security performance for facilities.   The table below summarizes how Responsible Care and our services are related:


Guiding Principles that are linked to Alarm Management and HMI Optimization

RC Article table

Click here to get information on all of the Responsible Care guiding principles.

Responsible Care may not just be for Chemical manufacturing and Transportation.  Recently a Responsible Care presentation was made at the American Petroleum Institute Control Room Forum in San Antonio (liquid and gas transmission pipeline).  The presentation covered aspects of the Responsible Care Management System, as well as the three codes of Responsible Care:

• Product Safety
Process Safety
• Security

Also included in the Responsible Care discussion was certificationDesign, Basic Controls, and Alarms are critical layers of protection, so if you are involved with Automation and your company takes on the Responsible Care Program, you are going to be involved.

The Alarm Management Lifecycle and HMI Optimization have significant benefits to offer outside of traditional automation initiatives. Get a jump start on Responsible Care and click here to set up a conference call with a Subject Matter Expert to discuss Alarm Management and HMI best practices.


Jacob A. Guerrero, TiPS, Inc.
David P. Garcia, TiPS, Inc.
Kelsey R. Wright, TiPS, Inc.