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Introduction to Alarm Management

You might want to consider a Control System Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment. This is an evaluation of a control system’s design in which a client collaborates with a seasoned, independent cybersecurity expert to assess threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences to the system.

A cyber expert with years of experience and a systematic assessment approach results in uncovering a number of risks posed to the control network. This discovery is the first step to a plan to mitigate those risks and prevent an attack.

An independent, unbiased cyber expert takes a much different approach to the following questions than the individuals who have an emotional attachment to the system:

• How is that control system constructed?
• What devices make up the system?
• How are they networked together?
• How do those networks communicate with one another?
• How do all the pieces go together?

The expert investigates the critical areas, analyzes the results, compares to industry standards, compares to other projects, and in an impartial manner, reports cyber risk reduction recommendations.

A systematic cyber risk assessment or cyber PHA (process hazards analysis) will develop a risk register and risk profile for a full understanding of the risks in the system, a set of recommendations, and a workable Plan to Mitigate those Risks.

Even when connection outside production LAN firewalls is not permitted by policy, mistakes are made, and exceptions occur. What if a malicious actor or malicious code were able to enter and compromise the control system? What could happen?

• A loss of both control and alarm layers.
• Values in both layers could be manipulated
• Malicious code might compromise the safety instrumented system.

A structured and proven hardening of the system reduces the attack vectors available to the bad guys- both inside and outside the facility.

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